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Gamifying Board Games – Appealing to the youth

Board games were the staple of most childhoods, including the millennial youth. Even Generation Z will put their phone down to enjoy a board game night with friends – although they might not have to. Thanks to technologies and innovation, board games are being reinvented and adjusted to cater to more modern markets and channels of entertainment. Read on to uncover some of the ways these titles are being updated through technology.

Live casino gaming

Live casino gaming is a new form of casino action available on casino websites. Unlike regular listings that are played using automated technologies that ensure fair and random outcomes, live casino gaming doesn’t require any of this tech because the games are identical to those played in a real land-based casino.

When you play live casino games, the player receives a stream of a real dealer from a studio and can interact with all the site’s active players. But these live offerings are not just your standard blackjack and roulette. They include innovative new titles never seen at a casino before, and some are even based on board games, such as the Monopoly Live Casino version.

Monopoly Live is a new title that combines elements of roulette with Monopoly and has a gameshow format. It’s one of the latest ways that board games are being repurposed, this time within online gambling.

Online Chess

After the Netflix series Queen’s Gambit was a major success, it sparked a wave of people wanting to play chess. There were even increases in the number of chessboard sales in conventional toy shops, with a reported year-on-year sale increase of over 1000%.

But it also created a surge of people searching for versions of free online chess on search engines. One of the most popular online places to play chess,, even states that “The Queen’s Gambit elevated chess to new heights” allowing what was seemingly an academics-only game to a new and younger audience.

Making regular board games available online and through PC gaming makes it accessible and easy to play classic titles with convenience, especially for commuters and those wanting to kill ten minutes in a waiting room.

Adapting narratives

Another way that board games are being made relevant to youthful markets is by adjusting characters and storylines to things that are more relevant to the younger audience. One of the best examples of this is seen in the Monopoly series.

Monopoly has a standard version of the board game that most people are familiar with, but there have been location-specific or themed versions of Monopoly made. For example, gameplay based on specific cities other than London, sporting team editions and even versions based on superhero films and leading universities.

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