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10 February 2022

Best Games Of The Metaverse

Did you know that besides cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance, blockchain technology has also changed how we play games?

That’s right, thanks to blockchain technology, the world is now getting ready to welcome the Metaverse, a combination of the internet, augmented reality, and virtual reality. If you want to know what is the Metaverse, click here to read more.

And along with that, we also have the introduction of NFTs or non-fungible tokens, which makes the concept of digital ownership real.

So, let’s now look at the best games in the Metaverse that you can play right now.

1. The Sandbox

If you’re a fan of open-world RPGs like Stardew Valley, Minecraft, or even Roblox, then you’re going to love The Sandbox.

This open-world game challenges players to create their universe by exploring the environment and using resources such as earth, water, lightning and lava. These resources can be combined to create more complicated items or build machinery.

The game allows players to monetize their efforts by creating NFTs and other assets sold on the in-game marketplace. Completed worlds can then be uploaded to an online gallery where players worldwide can view them.

The Sandbox was first released in 2012 and is available for mobile devices running iOS and Android, and the PC version was made available on Steam in 2015. 

2. Decentraland

First released in 2020, Decentraland is a virtual world platformer that allows players to sell their virtual assets. Players can buy plots of land sold in NFTs, and transactions are performed using the in-game currency; MANA.

Fun fact: when Decentraland launched in 2017, plots of land were sold for $20 apiece. However, during the 2021 NFT rush, land prices rose to as much as $100,000 as investors sought to get aboard the hype train.

While Decentraland has been planned for its sometimes buggy nature, it has an active community and receives plenty of updates. If you’re into real estate and NFTs, then Decentraland is the game for you.

Unfortunately, mobile devices are not yet supported for Decentraland, but you can always visit their mobile marketplace. 

3. Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia is an action-adventure game available on your browser only. Gameplay is split into two distinct modes; mining and real estate.

Mining is a 2D platform mode where players take control of a character and guide them through several procedurally generated levels known as plots. You are then required to mine blocks to harvest minerals. 

These minerals can then be used to upgrade your character’s equipment and attribute or to craft a refinery. An in-game currency known as DAR can be collected from playing the game and traded.

The real-estate aspect of Mines of Dalarnia requires players to lease and purchase plots of land from each other. 

4. Legacy

Fans of classics like Dungeon Keeper and Black & White will have probably heard of Peter Molyneux, the man behind Legacy – a business sim that allows players to design, create, and manufacture their products and sell them.

The game will have its in-game cryptocurrency known as LegacyCoin, which, unsurprisingly, is based on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Using the currency earned in-game, players can then purchase plots of land, which come in NFTs. Hence giving players a type of digital title representing their ownership of a said plot of land.

This has proven to be so popular that the game’s most popular plot of land, aptly named; London, has already been sold for a cool $900,000 (yes, that’s USD).


To sum up, Blockchain tech and NFTs will undoubtedly change the face of gaming as we know it. 

Plus, if all indications are accurate, the future of Metaverse games is a bright one indeed. Nonetheless, you should play wisely and not overspend on any of these games that promise you free crypto. Be sure to make thorough research before investing.

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