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6 Cheap Gaming Laptop Under $300 Your Money Can Buy

Getting a cheap gaming laptop under $ 300 can be a tricky thing. Because some gamers might think it isn’t enough, let alone handle a heavy task like playing games or working although every laptop can be used for working as well. 

A gaming laptop is the type of laptop that has specifications similar to the gaming PC. it’s small, can be taken everywhere, and packed with features that the gaming PC doesn’t normally have, like a built-in camera for example. Lots of players prefer to buy a laptop because of the ability to take it anywhere to play the game. 

But how about for those who have a limited budget? I mean, we can get a pc under US$ 500 and still have a decent power to play games, but can Laptop do the same?

The answer to that is yes. There are also laptops that you can get, even under US$ 300 and I am here to give you the list of 7 cheap gaming laptops under that price for you to buy. Just a bit disclaimer though; getting a cheap laptop in that price range comes with quite a lot of downside and perhaps cannot play the game the way you wanted it to be. But if you are okay with it, let’s just jump in! 

Also, the list is my personal opinion only. If you have a better preference, always let me know! 

6 Cheap Gaming Laptop Under $300 That You Can Buy

Acer CB3-531-C4A5 15.6 Chromebook


Who said Chromebook can’t be used to play games? There are several games that can be played actually, although there are quite different compared to the Windows game and might be quite similar to the Android games. Make it a cheap gaming laptop under $300, although the game that you can play is basically casual Android-like games.

Introducing the Acer Chromebook CB3-531-C4a5, the Chromebook that comes with Intel Celeron N3060 Dual-Core, integrated Intel 400 HD graphics, Integrated Audio, and 2GB of RAM. It’s still basic of the basic laptop that can be used for gaming as well as a good rig for your everyday task. 

ASUS L210MA-DB01 11.6-inch


ASUS is the company that always makes so many different laptops that vary from the very cheap to the very expensive one (like the ASUS ROG Zephyrus). If we talk about the cheap gaming laptop under $300, then the ASUS L210MA-DB01 can be a good option. 

The laptop comes together with an AMD Ryzen 3 3200U processor, packed with 4GB of RAM and 11 hours of battery life. Well, it’s still enough to play some old games like Dead Space 1 or 2 without hitting the maximum mark as well as the casual games. 

One of the unique quirks on this laptop is the Numpad which doubles the trackpad as well. ASUS really did a good job in saving the space by putting the number there.

ASUS VivoBook L203MA

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Another ASUS product that can be an option is the ASUS Vivobook L203MA. It’s the laptop in the Vivobook line that is more into an office and school activity with a bit of casual or emulator gaming. 

This laptop comes with Intel Celeron N4000 with Intel UHD Graphics 600 and 4GB of RAM. Can run quite the casual or the old games like Stronghold Crusader (my favorite!) or Command & Conquer Red Alert 2. Otherwise, it’s still a decent cheap laptop under $300 that you can find on the market.

HP Chromebook X360 14a

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Chromebook isn’t really a bad option for gaming. The games that are provided, although it’s different from the game you found in Steam, are quite diverse and still can be played during your everyday activity. What’s more, a 2in-1 laptop which can double into a tablet. It’s quite rare though, to have a 2-in-1 laptop in a price range of US$300-ish.

Comes with Intel Pentium Silver N5000 Quad-core, with Intel UHD Graphics 605 that can handle a few of your light gaming activities or watching videos. Can also be doubled as a tablet thanks to the touch-screen display but don’t try to open the Google Chrome tab too much, okay? 

Acer Aspire ES1-572-31KW 15.6-inch


Other than ASUS, Acer is one of the well-known brands that made quite varieties of laptops but is famous for its bang-for-the-buck budget laptop. The Acer Aspire ES1 is one of the examples that you can get. Comes in a full-size 15.6-inch which makes streaming videos a pleasant activity. 

Open the cover then you’ll see the processor with not Celeron, not silver, but Intel Core i3-6100U processor and 4GB of RAM which is still enough to play CS:GO on the middle setting, Valorant, or if you prefer a classic game like Stronghold Crusader or Dead Space 1 or Dead Space 2. 

What’s good about this laptop is the size which is quite big compared to the previous list. Hence the keyboard is also come in full size, complete with Numpad on the size as well. Make it quite a good laptop for office work, school activities, and playing a few games on the rest time. 

Dell Inspiron i3541-2001BLK

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Another full-size cheap gaming laptop under 300 is the Dell Inspiron i3541. Comes in a 15.6-inch with a full-size keyboard that will make your work and school easier since with the presence of the Numpad on the right side. The black color on the casing is also pleasant to the eyes. Although still using plastic as the material, it’s still quite sturdy just make sure it doesn’t fall down so often. 

Spec-wise, Dell Inspiron i3541 is equipped with AMD A6-6310 Quad-Core Processor with integrated AMD Radeon VGA with 4GB of RAM, making it one of the best cheap gaming laptop under $300 that you can buy on Amazon. Another quirky feature that it has is the DVD Burner drive which is quite hard to get nowadays as people tend to move to a cloud tech.

The Honorable Mentions

Let’s say if all the specs on the above lists aren’t really enough, how about saving up a bit more and getting better options? I’m talking about the laptop under US$ 1000 which can be used for basically everything – gaming, working, multitasking, or even all works related to multimedia stuff. 

Therefore, there are two laptops that can be options for your activities. It might be not that cheap but believe me, it isn’t really expensive either. It’s a bit of both and offers quite good specs. When you buy it, you will smile on your face. Trust me. 

Acer Nitro 5, The Powerful Laptops under US$750

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Let’s say if you feel that a gaming laptop under $300 isn’t enough for your gaming needs, you need something that is quite powerful, good for everyday activities but still cheaper than those ROG Zephyrus, then the Acer Nitro 5 can be a good option. Remember when I say Acer made a good low-prized laptop with good specs? Yeap, it’s one of them. 

Acer Nitro 5 was designed in black color with accent red on the touchpad borders. The full-size keyboard can emit red color making it look so fierce. Inside, this laptop is equipped with an Intel Core i5-9300H processor with 8GB of RAM, 4GB of VGA using Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650 with full HD 1829×1090 display making gaming is quite easy. 

Especially since it is equipped with NVME SSD memories, makes the boot faster than the laptop that still has SATA HDD in it. Play any games you want, whether it’s old or new, just bring it on! But if we talk about the latest AAA games, please don’t put the setting at maximum. Otherwise, it’s a good option definitely! 

ASUS TUF Dash 15


ASUS really made a product for every kind of people. They have their Republic of Gamer product which really famous for their high-end gaming laptop, and then here’s the ASUS TUF Dash 15 that is meant for an entry-level gamer who has a limited budget. 

ASUS TUF Dash 15 comes in two different colors – black or white (like Michael Jackson’s song) with a simple rectangle design without any dramatic curves. This laptop is using 87% of the keyboard which has a backlit in a color of light blue. Something that is quite interested about this laptop is the color of the WASD button which is transparent. For the white color, these buttons will come in light blue transparent colors. 

Now talking about the specs, ASUS TUF Dash 15 is equipped with an Intel Core i7-11370H processor with 3.3GHz, 8GB of RAM, FHD display, and more importantly, Nvidia Geforce RTX 3050 Ti 4GB that will accommodate your gaming needs. Imagine playing games like Cyberpunk without any hassle, although you can’t really reach the maximum the middle setting will keep the FPS smooth and I think it’s enough. 

Final Verdict

If we talk about budget, it’s indeed a good idea to get an all-rounder laptop – can be used for school, work, and a bit of gaming. There are lots of options out there that you can choose, and Chromebook can also be an option as well since it can play quite a lot of games even though the collections are quite different compared with the Windows or Console game. 

But this is just my personal opinion though. If you feel like you want to have a good experience in gaming and you are in search of a gaming partner, for me, an entry-level gaming laptop under US$ 1000 is enough to accommodate that. In fact, I recommend having that if budget is an issue. If your budget is below that, just save it until it’s enough. 

Otherwise, it’s definitely okay to have a good decent laptop for your everyday needs 🙂

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