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7 RGB Gaming Lights for Wall Money Can Buy

There are so many things that you can do to pimp your room and transform it into the ideal gaming room, one of them is by installing the gaming lights for the wall. Gaming lights here are actually the type of lighting, normally using LED which can emit RGB colour and is usually mounted on the wall. It was the time when gaming isn’t just about your PC setup anymore because your room can also be turned into a thematic gaming room with the help of the gaming lights for wall.

Thanks to this, PC gaming isn’t just about your gaming setup only. Some people choose to do it further by turning their room into a place where we’ll spend hours playing games without getting bored.

That being said, choosing the lighting kits for your room might become a tricky thing… I mean, sometimes making choices isn’t our forte, is it? That’s why I am coming here (in a broad daylight) to brighten your night with 7 compilations of gaming wall lights for gamers! Just a bit of note, the preference is all my personal opinion. So always let me know what you think.

7 RGB Gaming Lights for Wall

Lumoonosity LED Signs – The Unique Gaming Lights for Wall

The first thing first, is the Lumoonosity LED signs. If you are looking for something unique for your gaming room, something that can complement your gaming or streaming activity, then this one might be a good option for you. Created from the LED neon with so many forms that you can buy, from a palm tree, a multi-colored joystick, a basketball, the WASD button to the positivity typography sign.

It’s definitely a good wall light for a gaming room, especially if you would like to have a bit of compliment and a statement for your audience. Just a bit of note though, there are no Smartphone integration features for Lumoonosity LED signs but it will take you out from thinking which combinations you would like to try out. 

Encalife Atmosphere – The Outter Space Gaming Wall Lights

Next stop this unique product that is quite different from the gaming wall lights, although has an interesting feature that can become a decent quirk in your gaming room. Turning your space into a galaxy is the ability of Encalife – a smart project that can bring space into your room. 

encalife Atmosphere scope of del

Comes in a form of a white circular tube with the projector lens on the side, the Encalife Atmosphere can shoot a moving galaxy into your ceiling. Featuring different combinations including stars and different kinds of color combinations which can be changed with the dedicated smartphone app. It’s can be a good option especially if you love sci-fi and space exploration games. 

Helios Touch – The Hexagon Gaming Lights

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From the Galaxy projection, into smart decoration modular lighting kits for your wall. The Helios Touch is a hexagonal LED panel lighting kit that you can place on the wall and emits light to brighten your day. Even though it doesn’t equip with RGB light, the Helios Touch is quite unique with the brightness that can spoil your eyes. 

Even though it’s not an RGB light, it’s quite a unique product to have in your gaming room. Especially beside a chair where you rest after playing hours of games. How to turn it on? Simply touch the light panel, it is on without moving a muscle. It’s a unique piece of tech for sure.

Helios Touch comes in a box with a different number of panels that can be stacked on the surface. Can be a table but mostly a wall. The power cable can also light up to 24 panels which are enough to fill your wall with awesomeness.

Govee Neon LED Strip Light – Another Hexagon Gaming Lights 

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Sliding from the hexagonal panel into a more loop-the-loop lighting rope that is called the Govee Neon LED Strip Light. It’s a cool-looking neon rope that can be bent into anything that you like, giving your creativity the freedom to make whatever you want, in any shape you want and any surface you want. It is also quite slim so doesn’t really need much space for the setup. 

For your gaming setup, the Govee NEON LED Strip Light can also be one of your gaming room wall lights options. Connect it to the wifi and you can control it through the smartphone app to make it blink to your music, have a color pattern, or make it yourself, it’s up to you. But if connecting to your phone is kind of a hassle, just switch it from the dedicated button that connects directly to the LED rope. It’s convenient. 

Govee Glide Hexa Panels – The Sci-fi Theme Wall Gaming Lights

Not only do they make the LED Strip Light, but they also made hexagonal panel lights for your gaming room wall. An addition that will pimp your chamber into an ideal sci-fi battle room with this RGB hexagonal gaming wall lights. Pretty decent, well-built, and comes under US$ 200 for 10 panels which can be an alternative as well. 

Features; music sync with lots of color combinations patterns that you can choose directly from android’s official Govee app. It also works with Google and Alexa as well, making it looks awesome especially if you want to build an RGB gaming room in the future.

Philip Hue Play Light Bar – Small but Colorful Gaming Lights for Wall

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A new technology that is created by Philip, is the two small light towers (or stripes) that can emit lights in any colors you want. Comes in two colors which are black or white covers, can be mounted anywhere from above the table or mounted behind your monitor. Pretty convenient.

But the interesting part isn’t the RGB part, but you can also sync it with your monitor to emit whatever colors you have on the monitor… I mean, it expands the color outside your monitor, whether you are playing games, watching Netflix, or anything. That’s the interesting part.

Nanoleaf Canvas Light Panels – The Most Customizable Gaming Lights for Wall

The pinnacle of Light panels in my opinion with lots of features that you can try and is also gadget-friendly – it can be connected to any smartphone, assistant, or even your computer. The Nanoleaf is the expert in making high-tech lights. They have numerous products that you can buy and one of them (also my favorite) is the Canvas Light Panels. The biggest reason is, I love pixelated things. A perfect option for your gaming lights for the wall. 

Features, there are various you can try including reflecting colors from your screen to create an amazing effect while gaming. Or perhaps enhance your movie experience? Yap, that can do as well by connecting Nanoleaf Canvas Light Panels with the company’s own Screen Mirror. Other than that, just connect it to the wifi then the light can follow the rhythm of the music you play. Perhaps you want to have a light? Yap, it can be done through the lamp’s center directly. It’s definitely awesome. Ps: can be connected with your smartphone assistant as well.

Final Verdict

Making a good gaming room isn’t just about putting the lighting on the wall. You need to have something that can make you comfortable as well, instead of just making a show with the RGB lights in your room. Thanks to the various products that you can choose from on the market, it also increases your freedom in making use that LED lights. Perhaps you prefer a typography symbol? Or something like 

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