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Lost Ark Sailing Guide

What’s good guys? Welcome back to another Lost Ark guide. This time we’re breaking the mystery behind Sailing in Lost Ark. 

In this guide, you’ll get every bit of information you’re gonna need about sailing plus a short but life saving tip section, which you shouldn’t miss. 

Let’s waste no more time and get starlight into it. 

Why do you need to sail though?

This may sound nerdy on the surface but believe me this really gets interesting. 

Okay, so if you’ve been following the main story, you must’ve encountered the tripods or first travelling ports, right? You go to one of those, choose the destination within the continents and Bam! The next thing you know is you’ve reached your destination.


This fairy tale gets spoiled when you enter a new land and notice you can not access the fast travel ports or tripods. This is where sailing comes into play.

Sailing gets you where fast travelling can’t. There are various islands in the lost ark map that you can reach only through sailing.

You gotta have to give credit to Smilegate for spicing up your gameplay by eliminating fast travelling in New lands.

So far so good? Then we must sail to our next question. You see what I did there?

How to unlock sailing and get your first ship?

The first time you’ll encounter the sailing feature is in Wavestrands port, East Luterra after reaching level 35. There’ll be a Wavestrand quest that’ll tell you about the basics of sailing and some related important stuff. 

Again, If you’re following the main story line, it will lead you there by itself, you don’t have to worry about missing it out or searching the place across the whole Arkesia.

After you complete the quest you’ll be able to unlock sailing and your first saling mission. You will get your first ship there that kinda look like this: 

It’s worth your while to know that there are 8 types of ships you can get in the lost ark, named as follows:

  • Mishap
  • Brahms
  • Caravelle
  • Estoc
  • Fulgin
  • Ghost ship
  • Icebreaker
  • Dragon

Also, you’ll notice a new menu on your screen. Through which you can customise your ship and upgrade your crew skills as well.

Wait! Have I told you about the crew members and stuff? No? Well then let’s get straight into it…

A Quick Sailing 101

Now that you know about  sailing and how to get a ship, I think it is time to bring some life and time saving stuff to the table.

It’s totally up to you guys if you want to follow these tips. You can skip them, try sailing, get knocked a couple of times, get back to this guide again and read the soul out of every word. Or, you can just read them now and never have a bad sailing day again. Totally your choice.

Either way, here it comes:

  • You can auto travel in the sea, if you’re too tired to do it manually with your cursor. Just press the ALT key and choose the destination point (you can choose up to 4 points to make a path) on your map, and your ship will start moving. 
  • You can get additional sailors by visiting the Item Codex menu just below the map and moving to the Voyage tab in the left hand navigation menu. Different sailors possess different abilities.
  • Going in the harsh waters will damage your ship a lot faster. So avoid going there. You can spot harsh waters in the map, they are represented by purple colour. You’ll need to spend silver coins to repair your ship.
  • When you run out of your ship’s strength bar, your ship will turn into a ghost ship. You can pull over to your nearest harbour and repair it to get back into normal form.
  • Upgrade and Customisation: The most important out of all the tips is upgrading and customisation of your ship.

    Make sure to upgrade them as often as you can. Upgrading allows you to navigate the ocean more easily, it increases the endurance level of your ship, and of course, the speed of your ship.

    You can carry more crew members with you in an upgraded ship.
  • Taking care of your Crew: Your ship has its own crew that operates the ship and makes sailing possible. Each crew member has its own ability that helps you to get through the tough waters and storms safely. Upgrading your ship makes you carry more crew members and upgrading your crew members make them carry more skills and utility to help you sail. 

Pirate coins

To perform sailing activities, you are going to need the currency of the sea; pirate coins. Not only sailing activities but upgrading your ship also takes a good chunk of them. Make sure you get enough supplies. 

You can get them at the auction shop in exchange for other currencies such as Lost Ark gold and silver. There’s another way to grab Pirate Coins which is more fun and going places. Here’s how-

  • When you saling through the waters you’ll see various yellow colour dots popping on your map. When you reach their location, you’ll see some barrels, or lost seamen asking for your help. In return for this gesture you’ll get pirate coins as a reward. 
  • You can also put fish nets in the sea. When you catch some fish, you’ll get rewarded with a bunch of Pirate coins and other saling-worthy stuff.
  • Also, while sailing you will notice a bunch of squids roaming around your ship. You can attack and kill them, and get Pirate Coins as reward.
  • When you complete sailing missions, you’ll get a good chunk of the sea currency as well.

Pirate Coins Vs Luck Points

Let me end the chaos. Luck points are nothing but the old name for Pirate Coins. Yes, You read that right! They both look the same but with different shapes. Luck points were diamond shaped and Pirate coins were Round. That’s it.  

lostark6 1

On the previous version of Lost Ark, Luck points were used to be the currency of the sea. But like Fort Royal became Wavestrand port, Luck Points became Pirate Coins in the new version. So, you can stop digging out the meaning of Luck Points in Google now.

However, I have something you can hype upon…

Ghost ship Events

Smilegate isn’t letting you get bored with Lost Ark that easily. Which is a good thing. If you notice yourself not getting the vibes from the sailing missions, then this section is just for you, my friend. 

lostark7 1

However, before we start talking, keep in mind that this isn’t an official lost ark event. You won’t find it listed anywhere. Keep reading, you’ll get what I mean by that.

As you sail in the open seas, you will find ghost ships spawning randomly near you. You can loot them and get rewards from it. Think of those Ghost ships as floating events to grab big chunks of Pirate Coins. 

Once you spot one, you can try to board on it, fight and defeat the enemies (which might sound easy but trust me it isn’t. Not by a long shot). You can raid as many ghost ships as you want but you’ll get the rewards only once per week. 


On that note, my friend, we’ll put an end to this Lost Ark Sailing Guide. Hope you got what you’re looking for and go back to your game and rock the server! You can also visit to know more Lost Ark guides. Till then, good luck.

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