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The Biggest Upcoming Sports Games of 2022

For many, sports are much more than an entertaining pastime or way to keep fit – they’re a way of life. As such, in order to cater to the broad appeal of this culture, there are now more ways than ever to get your sporting kicks. From scooping up official kits and products, to making use of free bet offers from the likes of Skybet to root for your side, the options are virtually endless. One key sector that receives a lot of attention, speculation and investment is the sports gaming industry. Huge organizations such as EA Sport manage multi-million dollar licensing agreements with some of the biggest sporting bodies in the world. The yearly releases of franchise titles such as FIFA and Madden represent the best sports gaming has to offer each year. Below we’re taking a look at some of the most hotly anticipated sports games slated for a 2022 release.


Every 4 years fans of the FIFA series are treated to a World Cup edition. FIFA 23 is expected to cover the events, venues and tournament brackets of the upcoming Qatar World Cup. Though very little has come to light around expected changes over FIFA 22, most analysts are assuming EA will focus their attention on further building out the nascent Create-A-Club career mode, a fan-favorite from previous editions, though one considered under-utilized in its current format.

F1 2022

The second outing for Codemasters as a subsidiary of EA sports following F1 2021. The inclusion of a story-mode in 2021 was welcomed on the surface, though many felt it didn’t successfully translate the thrills and spills of being an up and coming F1 star. Improvements to this are expected, and they will be joined by a major handling overhaul, and the inclusion of supercars, a first for the series.

Madden 23

The Madden series is EA Sports’ longest lived and most established franchising relationship. It’s set to cover the rosters, players and events of the explosive ‘22-23 NFL season that concluded in the Ram’s stunning victory at Super Bowl LVI in February. Building on the critical acclaim of Madden 22, 23 is rumored to be focused on integrating improvements in passing dynamics. The introduction of a passing system rooted in player skill and informed by base statistics will add welcome nuance to this crucial yet historically under-represented element of gridiron play in video games. In addition to this, you can expect noteworthy upgrades in graphical fidelity as development teams get to grips with the added horsepower and utility offered by next generation console platforms.

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