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Why Gamers Can’t Get Enough of Loop Hero

Many of the top-rated and most played games of the past six months are AAA titles that have outstanding graphics and extremely modern controls. When comparing those games to Loop Hero, some may wonder how the latter has become so popular.

Much like online casino slots or other simple games, Loop Hero has shown that you do not need to create a game with top-tier graphics to win over players. The engaging gameplay and simplicity mean that people are playing this game around the world.

Below is a review of Loop Hero, showcasing why so many gamers are obsessed with this title.

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A Classic Role Playing Game

Loop Hero is a classic role-playing game or RPG. When you play such games, combat is likely the one area where you have the most fun. 

This game changes the way that people may think about RPGs, though. Most of the time, you are making tactical decisions and crunching numbers in these games, as you want to ensure your strength is at its optimal level as you take on more challenging foes.

While Loop Hero does have some such strategizing, the game is a lot simpler than you would think. It is a unique combination of autobattlers and deckbuilding games, with a bit of a puzzle and tile element thrown in there as well.

The gameplay is unorthodox, but gamers are overlooking that because of the interesting and unique world that Loop Hero reveals. The surreal and apocalyptic setting may be why millions are buying and playing this game in 2022.

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Simplistic Graphics

The graphics for Loop Hero could not be any simpler, especially in this age of ultra-HD and 4K games. The graphics are extremely pixelated, as you would find in older Nintendo or Sega games. 

When the game begins, you do not see much, except for an angular path that your white 4-bit blob of a hero must take as he sets on his adventure. The graphics are a little better when you engage in combat, as the different warriors are in 8-bit quality.

If you were to see someone playing this game, you would think they had downloaded an emulator for older games on their computer or tablet. Only when you start to play do you realize that Loop Hero is an extremely fun game and that you can sit down and engage with it for hours.

Fighting in Loop Hero

The fights in Loop Hero are not as advanced as you would get in many modern games, where you can use any number of controller or keyboard combinations to register different moves.

The way you engage with enemies in Loop Hero depends on your attack speed, damage, and defense statistics. When you have superior numbers, you are more likely to emerge victoriously. 

Each time your hero wins a battle, whether against random foot soldiers or the “big bad” of the round, they gain cards that represent map tiles. They also get other loot, and you can use these items to “remember” different elements of the world, such as forests and mountains, and villages. You can then place these tiles within the game and bring them to life.

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Be Careful What You Unleash

Gamers may think that if they are gaining a tile that represents another element of the in-game world, they should open it up and go into that world. That may be the case on some occasions, but sometimes you can get more than you bargained for.

There are beasts, vampires, skeletons, fishmen, and gargoyles that can attack you and cause a lot of damage in these tile-related worlds. You must be extremely careful about what you are opening, and when you choose to engage with those tiles.

A Winning Formula

There is no denying that Loop Hero has a winning formula, as its interesting gameplay, fun fighting style, and vintage aesthetics make it the perfect game for people to enjoy in 2022.

When you get the hang of the gameplay, and how the loot you earn can help you in future battles, you will be breezing through this game in no time.

Indie Titles are Back

The rise of Loop Hero shows that a new game does not necessarily have to include the greatest graphics to succeed. Even though more expensive-to-make, AAA titles are extremely popular among gamers, indie games are making a comeback.

With a game as simple as Loop Hero succeeding in the market in 2022, there is hope for small-time developers around the world – if they can create games that have a unique selling point, whether it is gameplay or world-building.

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