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Sennheiser Game One Vs Game Zero – The Twin That Different In A Way

The showdown begins and we are introducing the contenders – Sennheiser’s Game One Vs Game Zero

Both headsets are coming from a renowned company who are famous to make premium audio devices – from speakers, headphones, and headsets, as well as True Wireless Stereo earbuds. And they are also well known for their gaming headsets also and of course for the premium quality. 

I mean, gaming is an activity for all the people around the world… it’s been a headline and people know it. But when the technology began to advance, gamers tend to get more focus so they can win the game. Thus, the audio company enters the new world of gaming, and the gaming headsets were born. 

On the other hand, Sennheiser is well-known for its premium product with premium quality. Even its gaming headsets are well-known for the balance without any hyperbolic bass or treble. Among all the brands that they created, there are two that are considered premium gaming headsets – yap, you guess it right. These are the story of Sennheiser’s Game One and Game Zero and the differences between them.   

I’m not going to hold you guys for so long and let’s just jump out without further ado. 

Sennheiser Game One Vs Game Zero – Material 

Identical but somehow different is the way to describe both Game One and Game Zero gaming headsets. They are slightly indistinguishable since they are using the same design language – the surface is rather smooth with oval ear cups with a red-line circle on each side. It’s pretty simple, there are no sharp corners like you normally found in a gaming headset, and there are no RGB lights as well. 

sennheiser game one vs zero

Both Sennheiser Game One vs Game Zero is using plastic as the basic material but they are using sturdy plastics which have high durability so they can be used for a long time… except if it’s accidentally falling quite hard and somehow accidentally stepped. But I believe it won’t be happening, right? 

Even though both game zero and game one are using an identical material, there is a difference in Sennheiser’s Game Zero as it also uses a metal hinge on both sides, above the ear cups. This will allow the headset to be foldable for traveling. On the other hand, the cushion material is colored in black but both have different materials – Game One uses Black velour on the ear cups and headbands, while Game Zero uses faux leather which is a thicker material.  

Both Game One and Game Zero are using thick plastic to make sure the headsets don’t get too heavy. Although it will make people think that the material is quite cheap compared to the price tag. On the other hand, Game Zero has a bit different in the material as they decide to put metal hinges on the band to make it flippable, at the same time, adding a bit of weight to the headset. 

Sennheiser Game One Vs Game Zero –  Features

Sennheiser game one vs game zero
game zero vs game one
Sennheiser game one vs zero
Sennheiser zero vs one
Sennheiser game one vs
g4me zero vs game zero
game zero vs g4me zero
sennheiser g4me one vs zero

Features are what make both Game One and Game Zero different. The Sennheiser’s Game One is an open-back headset while the Game Zero is a closed-back gaming headset, resulting somehow a different kind of audio output.

Putting that aside, both are wired gaming headphones it is compatible with any device that has a 3.5mm headphone jack in it… so it means, you can switch between consoles or even Nintendo Switch. Both are also equipped with a built-in unchangeable microphone on both the left sides that will mute itself when you twist it upward. Both also have a volume knob on the right side to make sure everything can be controlled right on your gaming headset. 

Aside from all the in-headphone features, game zero vs game one are quite identical but the differences will be morphing ability. The Sennheiser Game One is fixed and the Game Zero is the one with foldable ability. It’s quite a feature though, especially for those who often go mobile and need premium gaming accessories. 

Sennheiser Game One Vs Game Zero – Audio Quality

Now the most important parts of gaming headsets. In a basic way, both Sennheiser Game One and Game Zero have almost identical audio quality – each of them has a frequency between 50Hz to 16,000 Hz for the microphone, and 15Hz to 28,000 Hz for the headphone. Even if that is the case, the output quality is quite different from one another. 

Let’s say because Game One is an Open-back headphone, it means the sound isn’t totally isolated as it can sometimes be mixed with the background noises… but you will feel it when you are on the outside, playing games in a cafe or a crowded place. While the Game Zero has a better bass thanks to the closed-back ear cup. Unfortunately, it has no surround sound technology but the stereo will still help you to locate the enemies. 

But the good thing is, the microphone has a good quality, the output is clear and if you need to mute it, just move it upward. It’s pretty straightforward but definitely good. 

Sennheiser Game One Vs Game Zero – The Conclusion

It’s quite hard to pick which one is the best between Game One vs Game Zero. Because both are identical and only a small thing that makes them different. That aside, Sennheiser’s Game Zero’s ability to fold is worth considering. It is also thanks to the metal hinge on both sides which increases the durability as well. And the Game zero’s Close-Back cups also result in better bass quality. 

Now after reading the above explanation, you might be considering Sennheiser’s Game Zero as the winner right? Well, based on the features, it can be the winner… but the closed-back cups will make you uncomfortable if you use the gaming headset to play for a long time. If you are okay with it, then Game Zero is the winner here. However, if you consider comfort as the number one factor, Game One is a worthy choice. 

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