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The Evolution of Gambling in India

Consider the history of gambling. It begins in ancient times and ends with the appearance of the best casino site in India with an English-language interface. Even in the days of the Ramayana the dice similar to the modern ones were used. They were carved out of stone. They are still played today throughout the Indian subcontinent.

Gambling in Ancient India

One of the famous epics is the Ramayana. It was written in an ancient and classical language of India called Sanskrit. The date of creation is 7,300 years before our era. In addition to the game of dice, the archaic chess appeared at this time. The first one is also describe aed in the Mahabharata. In the narrative there is a cautionary tale of King Yudhishthira, where the monarch is deprived of high position and wealth.

The reason is deceit on the part of the dastardly Shakuni. The king used his brothers as bets. After losing – two princesses. But he had no luck again. One princess named Pandavam was forced to hide for 12 years.

A part of the epic was preserved by a group of locals who practiced Buddhism. Thus, as early as 300 years before Christ, they played with nuts. In addition, they made bets on sports with animals. These included cock and lamb fights. Horse racing came later. The matter is not limited to historical texts.

Over the centuries, gambling games became more sophisticated. Already in the XV century, the first gambling houses began to appear in the country. Taxes were levied on visitors who received winnings. The British first introduced cricket in the eighteenth century. It is still considered the most popular sport. Betting was most often done off the field.

The Influence of European Laws on India

By the early seventeenth century, the influence of European laws was clearly felt in India. Hippodromes where races were held appeared. The British had imported horses suitable for this purpose. In 1867, a law on public gambling appeared. As a result, gambling houses lost the opportunity to exist legally. The law is still in effect today because it has not been repealed.

Many people in the country still consider gambling to be a sin. In 29 states, it is still up to the authorities to decide whether or not to allow such entertainment in the territory they are entrusted with. For example, you can play in Maharashtra or Sikkim. Another favorable state in India is Goa, where casinos are visited by foreigners who come for vacation.

How to Find the Best Casino Site in India

In the XXI century, land-based halls began to appear, which are becoming a thing of the past by 2022 because of the worldwide pandemic. They are replaced by online casinos, where important attention is paid to the principles of responsible gaming. They are being implemented by government authorities and regulatory organizations. As a result, a favorable environment is created with maximum protection for players.

Among the virtual halls, Bluechip stands out. There is a license, information about it is displayed on a separate page after tapping on the clickable icon. The advantages include:

  • the use of Indian rupee (this account currency is selected during registration);
  • section “Indian” with popular gambling in the country;
  • category “Cricket” with tournaments in this discipline.

The pluses also include an extensive collection of more than 4,500 gambling games. There is a live casino, the original bonus policy, the possibility to bet on sporting events. The interface language is English. Customers can use it to ask for help from technical support, to clarify information about scheduled tournaments.


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