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Video Games vs Online Casino Games – Who Wins?

Online casino games and video gaming are very similar in many ways – both of these industries are aimed at giving players fun-filled and exciting experiences. This link goes further than that though – they share many of the same technologies and when there’s a technological development in one industry it often carries into the other. But which one could be crowned king of entertainment?


Whilst people all over the world enjoy these forms of entertainment – from someone playing their favourite Role Playing PC game, to Canadians enjoying their favourite slot on the most hyped new casinos in Canada 2022 has to offer, it can be hard to choose a winner. Let’s take a look at these two popular forms of games in more depth


Video gaming’s influence on the gambling industry


Whilst casino games have been around a hell of a lot longer than casino games, video games have set the bar continuously for casino games. Online casinos are always trying to meet the entertainment value, graphics and player involvement that videos entail – many software providers for the gambling industry team up with other studios to help achieve this in their games.


One of the biggest influences on the gambling industry has been the evolution of graphics, the design of games as well as user interfaces. These aspects of casino games have predictably followed from video games, with casino gaming software getting a graphical overhaul to try and match video games soon after video games see a graphical breakthrough.


Another big carryover is the mobile gaming aspect. According to Statista, the biggest driver for video game revenue comes from mobile gaming and casinos have been quick to notice this and take inspiration from it, focusing on mobile gameplay and integrations.


Online casino games vs videogames


Video games became a part of the mainstream culture when the very first pong was released early in the 70s. This spark is what ignited people’s love for electronic entertainment and very soon after the internet became widely used video games found themselves up against another form of entertainment – online casinos.


Below you’ll list the biggest areas in which video games and online casino games battle it out:


Graphics & design


Ever since video games first came out, graphics have been high on the list of importance – the graphical fidelity of any game can majorly impact the players’ experience. The same is also vital in casino games.


Without a doubt, video games have much better graphics, with modern-day games almost movie-like in their quality. Motion-captured soldiers can battle it out on screen like in Call of Duty, life-like players are appearing in football games and you can even get digitized versions of movie stars popping up in games!


Whilst online casino games lose this battle, there’s a reason why: The gameplay is focused on the smoothness and easy navigation around the screen. Whilst certain slot games and video poker have come on leaps and bounds in terms of animations, video games win this round.


Player interaction


One good aspect both of casino games and video games is that players all over the world can enjoy them. They can provide a sense of community, with people all over the world being able to connect with people from other places.


This is true for both of these forms of entertainment – you can find many online games that are multiplayer and live casino games often come with a chatroom feature – they both even have tournaments. It’s a draw on this feature!


Selection of games


There are countless video games to enjoy in numerous different genres. New genres are popping in every month and you’ll often find one genre blending into another. Some of the most popular types of video games include:


  • Sports
  • First Person Shooters
  • Real-Time Strategy
  • Role Playing games
  • Arcade style
  • Massively Multiplayer Online games


The imagination is the limit – there are plenty more different types of games and within these different genres hundreds, if not thousands, of different games to choose from.


Casino gamers also have plenty of choices. They come in different types, just like video games, with the most popular being:


  • Slot games
  • Live casino poker
  • Live Baccarat
  • Live Blackjack
  • Keno
  • Slingo (Slots and bingo combined in a game)

With slot games, there is plenty of choice of theme as well – from magical fairy-based slot games to slots based on hit shows such as Family Guy and everything in between.


Overall, you can’t really pick a winner between the two on game selection – there’s so much choice for both!




It’s hard to pick a decisive winner between the two! Whilst it always comes down to personal choice, The only major difference between these two exciting forms of entertainment is the graphical quality of the games – Video games may have better graphics, but do casino games really need them? 


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