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1707480cookie-checkHow Do We Know That Online Slots Are Fair?

How Do We Know That Online Slots Are Fair?

If you’re given the chance a play a fair, trustworthy slot machine where you could win thousands of times whatever you wager, you would want to give it a go, right? What’s stopping you? For many prospective players, the notion that games such as high roller online slots aren’t fair is something that they are worried about to such an extent that they dare not play them. However, what if we could assure you that today’s slots are very much secure, safe, and, most importantly, fair? How can you tell if a casino game is fair? Join us as we explain all.

Seals of Approval, Licenses and Certifications

Firstly, the reputation of the casino software provider and the casino in question goes a long way in convincing players that a slot is ideal for them. Any casino software provider worth its salt will be licensed and have its games audited to ensure that they meet up to the latest standards. At the same time, any casino offering them will also be licensed and regulated. There will be certifications and seals of approval that attempt the games are fair and have decent RTP rates, and that their RNGs are approved. What does this mean?

RNGs Control Everything

Each slot you come across should be RNG-certified. iTech Labs, TST (Technical Systems Testing) and eCOGRA are just a few of the groups that independently audited games to ensure that the RNGs are approved. RNGs are random number generators. These algorithms essentially ensure that each roll of the dice, the flip of a card of spin of the reels or the wheels is random. It ensures that neither you nor the casino can cheat.

Look Out for Those RTP Rates

The next thing you should look out for are RTP rates. These tell players how much of each bet the casino plans on keeping (house edge) and how much they plan on putting back into a pot for players to win (return to player rate). The higher the RTP rate, the fairer the slot is. In most cases, RTP rates of games are published. We want to see RTP rates of 95% or over. Anything less, and we’d avoid them.

Volatility Explained

Finally, we should discuss volatility. Just because a game doesn’t pay out often doesn’t make it a bad game. It may just be highly volatile. Games that are highly volatile pay out seldom, but when they do, they deliver immense wins. This contrasts with low variance games that pay regularly but with smaller sums. Scout around and be sure that you’re playing the type of game that suits your playing style.

Test Online Slots for Yourself

If you have any doubts about the legitimacy and fairness of slot machines, don’t hesitate to test the game for yourself. Most slots can be played for free, allowing you to judge how fair the game is. Moreover, top casino reviews also allow you to get an outsider’s opinion on RTP, volatility and other aspects of each game before you commit to wagering your money on them.

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