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6 Reasons Why Indie Games Are Better Than AAA Games

As an indie game developer, you have the freedom. No restrictive guidelines or unrealistic deadlines. You set your schedule and milestones if you want to overhaul a core mechanic or redo all the graphics three months in, no problem! Indie devs can make those kinds of changes without layers of approval.

1: More Creative Freedom Without Restrictions

You also don’t have to limit yourself to mainstream genres and themes. Some of the most innovative indie games explore subjects AAA studios wouldn’t touch. Papers, Please examine moral dilemmas in a totalitarian society.

2: Supporting the Underdogs of the Gaming Industry

Supporting indie game developers is like cheering for the underdogs. When you buy an indie game, your money goes directly to the developers, allowing them to keep creating and innovating. Indie games are made with heart. Small teams pour their souls into these passion projects.

3: Cheaper Prices Equal More Bang for Your Buck

Indie developers don’t have massive budgets and expensive marketing campaigns to recoup, so they can afford to charge less. Many indie games are under $20, with frequent sales dropping prices even lower.

Huge Gaming Communities

Indie games have much more tight-knit gaming communities. Since the teams behind indie games are usually quite small, they rely heavily on building a dedicated player base. Players can directly interact with the game developers through different means.

5: More Unique Concepts and Art Styles

Indie games are renowned for their innovative and unique concepts. Rather than rehashing predictable plots or gameplay like many AAA titles, indie developers have the creative freedom to experiment.

Indie games are also known for their memorable and distinctive art styles. Moreover, Unfettered by mainstream conventions, indie games can take risks with gameplay that pushes boundaries and create new experiences. Mechanics, dynamics, and interactions that have never been seen before in games emerge from the indie scene.

6: Available in Single Purchase

Indie games are typically offered as a single purchase, without additional fees or purchases required to progress. You pay once and get the full experience without worrying about paywalls blocking your access or microtransactions nickel and diming you at every turn.

  • No paid downloadable content (DLC) to access extra levels or gear
  • No in-game currencies or items to buy to advance faster
  • No ads interrupting your gameplay or immersion

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