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Albatross: Truth Unseen, FPS Puzzle Game Seeks Votes On Steam Greenlight

A mix of adventuring, puzzle-solving and first-person shooting, Albatross: Truth Unseen from indie developer Jeremy Davis is a departure from the typical game that seeks to establish itself in sound footing within a single genre.

Albatross sees players assuming the role of a covert agent who must venture around and complete certain tasks assigned to him. The game isn’t just another Hitman clone or Timesplitters spinoff, it’s a mixture of elements to create something brand new. Think of it as Far Cry meets Half-Life.

Players will acquire and utilize an array of weaponry to help aid them in their journey, battling various foes who get in the way. But it’s not just all running and gunning. There are also exploration and adventure aspects as well, forcing players to travel through environments, search for clues and scale structures to access hard to reach places. You can get a glimpse of what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

Albatross: Truth Unseen is definitely rough around the edges, but the gameplay appears to be solid enough. The more interesting aspect about it is that it doesn’t just have exploration and adventuring intermingling with a first-person shooter element, it also sports puzzle-solving.

Players will have to venture around and find clues or objects to help aid them in completing tasks in order to progress through the game.

The locations will be varied and take players around the world, including snowy mountaintops where they’ll get to fly a helicopter.

It kind of sounds like there’s a lot of possibilities with Albatross: Truth Unseen. It’s currently seeking votes over on Steam Greenlight at the moment, so they’re hoping to capture enough attention from an eager enough audience to turn the game into a reality on the Steam store. You can learn more by visiting the Steam Greenlight page.

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