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1556540cookie-checkAlder’s Blood, Victorian-Era Monster Hunting Game Launches For Nintendo Switch

Alder’s Blood, Victorian-Era Monster Hunting Game Launches For Nintendo Switch

Despite the the Victorian era being rich with aesthetic treasures for artists and developers to exploit and explore in any number of different ways, we very rarely get games themed around that time period. Well, No Gravity Games and Shockwork Games decided to go there and they did so with their turn-based strategy game, Alder’s Blood.

The visually catchy title recently released for the Nintendo Switch, and is currently available for purchase over on the Nintendo of America eShop and the Nintendo of Europe eShop for $14.99.

The tactical stealth game sees gamers taking charge of a group of hunters who are charged with hunting down various monsters using a variety of skills and weapons. Given the strength advantage of your foes, it’s important to stick to the shadows and utilize the element of surprise to your advantage.

You can get a glimpse of what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

The game is very much like a grimdark version of Shadow Watch. Some of you might remember the isometric, tactical turn-based title from Red Storm Entertainment and Microsoft from back during the turn of the millennium. Visually it also reminds me a little bit of a Western-Victorian version of Xenonauts.

The big difference with Alder’s Blood is that there’s a strong horror vibe to the game, as players will have to avoid ghouls, slip under the detection of lycans, and attempt to get the jump on enemies before they literally sniff you out and kill you.

This explores another element of the gameplay: monitoring wind direction. When the wind blows, the enemies will pick up your scent. Where you’re positioned and how you plot your ambushes will make or break whether your team or hunters will come out unscathed… or even alive.

You’ll need to journey around to build up your team and eventually wipe out the evil plaguing the land.

If you’re interested in checking the game out you can do so right now for the Nintendo Switch over on the eShop. Additionally, there’s a free demo available for you to download in order to give it a run as a try-before-you-buy option.

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