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1425890cookie-checkAlien Shooter TD Brings Tower Defense To iOS And Android Devices

Alien Shooter TD Brings Tower Defense To iOS And Android Devices

Sigma Team’s long-running isometric franchise, Alien Shooter, is making a return to form with the new Alien Shooter TD. The new game recently was made available for iOS and Android devices when it launched on the respective digital distribution outlets.

Alien Shooter TD is a tower defense game where players construct bases, build defenses and then attempt to destroy as many of the alien swarms as possible. There’s a trailer that’s available to give gamers an idea of how the more strategic Alien Shooter game operates on mobile devices. You can check it out below.

Some of the trademark features from the Alien Shooter series have made a return, including the alien bodies staying on the ground and not fading, something that also made the series feel very dynamic and gruesome, as well as limited munitions for the weapons. Alien Shooter always prided itself on its distinct variety in gear and how players would have to manage their munitions stockpile throughout the levels.

Instead of having a single character that you acquire weapons and armor for throughout the campaign, you now get a squad of troops, each with their own loadout and abilities that you can bring onto the battlefield in order to protect your base.

It’s a little disappointing that the newest Alien Shooter is made for mobile devices. Alien Shooter: Vengeance still goes down as one of the best isometric shooters out there. Sadly Sigma seems to be chasing the mobile audience with this newest title, so if you want to play more Alien Shooter you’ll have to suffice with an Android or iOS device.

You can learn more about the Alien Shooter franchise by hitting up the game’s official website. Alternatively you can pick up a free copy of Alien Shooter TD from the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store.

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