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1576950cookie-checkAll Donations to Kyoto Animation Will Go Towards Victims

All Donations to Kyoto Animation Will Go Towards Victims

These days it’s almost expected for a company to do something shady. Lest we forget the fiasco surrounding the memorial DLC for Shadow of War, where executive producer Michael Forgey from Warner Bros., initially attempted to profit off the charitable actions of the gaming community intended for the developers family. Fortunately, in a bought of good news, Kyoto Animations will be putting their employees first and foremost over their business interests.

Reported by Sora News 24, all $10.1 million dollars (over a billion yen) will not be spent on business recovery but rightfully will go towards the victims of the deadly arson that claimed the lives of 36 of the beloved company’s staff and hospitalizing an additional 33 people.

“Kyoto Animation, donations from around the world will not be used for business resumption, but all will be used for bereaved families, injured persons, and families. As a company, we start on our own feet without receiving external support, including public support.


“On November 3rd and 4th, at Miyako Messe (Kyoto City Kogyo Kaikan), there seems to be a place to commemorate fans and others.”

The announcement above came from the head House of Representatives Finance Committee, Shinichi Isa on the second of October. Kyoto Animation additionally will not be using external finances to recover from the incident that occurred back in July of this summer, which involved an arsonist burning the main building and many of its employees to the ground. Instead the company will use its own assets to restore its operations demonstrating it has no intention to profit from tragedy.

Memorial services will be held for both family and fans on November 3 and 4 at Kyto’s Miyako Mess Conference Center. It is rare for a company to act with such honor in times, but it has gone a long way in helping everyone effected heal from the tragedy.

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