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All-Star Fruit Racing, Colorful New Kart Racer Enters Steam Early Access

3DClouds’ All-Star Fruit Racing has entered into Early Access on Steam, featuring multiple racers to choose from, multiple race types to play through, multiple tracks to conquer and both single and multiplayer modes to enjoy.

The game is basically 95% complete according to the developers, and they’re just using the opportunity in Early Access to fine tune the game and prep it for a full launch in the fall of this year. They’re looking for some feedback and constructive criticism from the community in order to fix the game up right proper.

At the moment there are five different islands that comprise of the various locations you’ll visit and the 21 different tracks you’ll race across. Each island has four tracks, and two of the islands will be available at the start while the other two must be unlocked. The fifth island isn’t finished yet but they say it will be available before September is out.

There are 22 characters in total, 11 of whom are available from the start and two of which must be unlocked through progression. The all-female cast will race across the tracks using a variety of 40 different power-ups, some of which you can briefly see in action with the Early Access trailer below.

The game features three different kart types with over 26,000 different customization possibilities and combinations via unlocking the various liveries, colors, parts, and pieces as you play the game, very similar to Mario Kart 8.

There are five different game modes and five different racing formats, including standard Career modes and Time Attack, but there are also custom championship modes and custom races as well.

The online multiplayer mode isn’t available right now but there are plans to include it before the game graduates from Early Access. Multiplayer is available in All-Star Fruit Racing in the form of a local split-screen mode for up to four players. The online mode will enable multiplayer modes supporting up to eight players.

The game looks pretty cool based on the trailer above, and the visual art-style and creative looking tracks definitely help the game stand out. Hopefully the gameplay mechanics and handling match up to the game’s graphical vibrancy.

If you’re interested in the kart-racing title, you can learn more by visiting the Steam store page.

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