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1506480cookie-checkAll you need to know about the upcoming Arkham: Court of Owls

All you need to know about the upcoming Arkham: Court of Owls

Over the years Warner Brothers Montreal has been teasing a new Batman game. Not so subtly hinting in-between loud audible fake coughs that it would feature Gotham’s most notorious organization: The Court of Owls.  A lot of information and needling have dropped about the title along with speculation. Time to go over it.

On the 22nd WB Montreal released the following teaser video:

During the video 4 logos are said to flash, though I’ve only been able to capture 3 of the four (as seen below). On the next day WB Montreal released a video showing all the logos slowly morphing into one another suggesting an extensive network of interconnected organizations.


Additionally WBM also posted on Instagam the logo depicting what appears to be an owl-shaped beak in the Court of Owl’s iteration of their logo.

Settling the current speculation lead writer Scott Snyder retweeted with the hash tag #bewarethecourtofowls. The tweet has since been taking down, but was screen capped by Batman Arkham Videos before being removed.


None of this should come as a surprise as Warner Brothers Montreal has been teasing this game for a few years now.  Starting in 2017 Patrick Redding the creative director over at Warner Brothers Montreal tweeted out a vastly more tasteful party pic than the ones attended by Dice and no that’s not the Royal Flush Gang’s more hip and with it nickname.

In November 2018 Valvez (no real name provided) the Production Coordinator tweeted out a picture of sweet merch she was sporting showcasing once again the Court of Owls Logo.

A few less reliable, more vague hints have dropped and been collected over on a Reddit Thread, with the majority summed up with we’re making a game and owls are nice. A wink wink, nudge nudge form of social media marketing that has become popular these last few years.

Full disclaimer, what follows is purely speculation on my part tied to other leaks, but has not been confirmed or teased in anyway. It is more an educated guess of what will be announced rather than anything more concrete.

With that out of the way, last month a leak on 4chan emerged with pictures and details of a cancelled Batman game that was in development at an unnamed studio. This unnamed Batman title would feature Damian Wayne taking up the mantle of Batman after his father retired following the events in Arkham Knight. Gotham suffered hard from the Scarecrow’s terrorists , now sits run down and in need of a new hero.

How much of the planned Damian Wayne story will be salvaged is anyone’s guess, but it is worth nothing the second hashtag slash slogan has surfaced in the promotion of this upcoming game: Capture the Knight.

Narrative wise consider that Arkham Knight did not depict Gotham reeling from the loss of its most powerful and wealthy individuals as a result of either dying or being put in prison by Batman’s long crusade against the organization. Further letting Scarecrow unleash a chemical weapon upon Gotham is a genius Machiavellian move that would allow the organization to implement essentially whatever they wanted to. Their existence would go a long way in explaining fridge logic holes of the Arkham Knight such as “how did the US government not notice an army crossing into its boarders?” In a series that otherwise has had a rigorously structured lore and narrative grounded in semi-realism.

Narrative decisions aside the leak detailed features and characters that we could potential see implemented into Arkham: Court of Owls.  The list of characters included: Two Face (as the Judge), Gorilla Grodd, Flamingo, Black Mask (female version), and the Penguin.

Of the features mentioned the most likely to make It’s debut will be the Nemesis system from the Shadow of Middle Earth series. How this system will be implemented in a game with a character that cannot rise again and again from the grave will be an interesting design issue to tackle, but prepare yourself for the Nemesis system to be named dropped repeatedly in the upcoming marketing blitz for this new game.

What are your speculations on this game?

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