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1423310cookie-checkAlter Army Offers Retro Adventure Action On Steam Greenlight

Alter Army Offers Retro Adventure Action On Steam Greenlight

Indie developers Vague Pixels have created an adventure beat’em up game that focuses on a group of unlikely heroes that decide to beat up some really dumb aliens.

Alter Army has a simple retro art pixel style, however the creators have put a bit more time into animating the characters and monsters to make their movements look more lively; and the game also appears to really rely on its charm and goofy humor to grab your attention and keep you interested in the game.

You will be able to choose from one out of four different heroes, each with their own unique abilities, fighting style and move set for you to master.

Do you like teaming up and playing with your friends and family? Well, Alter Army also has a local co-op mode so that you can battle and fight along with your friends. The developers have a short gameplay trailer video that I linked down below for you guys to check out what the game is like.

Additionally, Alter Army also features a grading system that awards you for finding new ways to kill monsters, a survival mode with procedural rooms for you to fight through, as well as 10 different biomes for you to explore and conquer.

Sadly, Alter Army doesn’t currently have an online multiplayer mode and for now only has local play, because the developers say they are just a small team of students and they can’t afford online servers. However, they say that after the game releases they will look into adding multiplayer features. Even if they just added a basic feature to host a game and connect to your friends IP, I think that would be enough for most people so that they can play with their buddies from around the world.

If you are interested in learning more or casting your vote for Alter Army, you can head on over to their Steam Greenlight page for additional information and details about the game.

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