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1433480cookie-checkAltero Challenges Players To Cheat Death To Solve Puzzles

Altero Challenges Players To Cheat Death To Solve Puzzles

Altero is a puzzle-platform game developed by Sergio Schiavo and Electronic Motion games. In Altero, you play as Adi, a cursed voodoo doll that is out to seek redemption by helping other lost souls.

The theme of this game has been done before, but if done right it could be a pretty fun and interesting platform puzzle game. The main mechanic works around the concept of pulling levers or standing on specific platforms to activate traps so that you can die. There are checkpoint totems that you can pass which will work as a spawn point.

When you die, your past self will resurrect as a shade and will follow through with the previously recorded actions that led to your demise. At the same time, you will respawn back at the totem and will be able to correct your mistakes and work with your shade to help you get past the trap and solve the puzzle. In simple terms, you work together with your past self to solve puzzles.

It appears that you won’t have unlimited respawns though, because at the bottom right corner of the screen you can see there is a life bar showing how many times you have died and how many times you can come back to life, so it looks like you will have to use them wisely.

The graphic style for Altero is done in high quality 2D sprites with a dark and moody forest scenery to set the tone of the game. Based on the below trailer, the music soundtrack is also rather dark to help immerse you into the world of Altero. The developer released a gameplay trailer for Altero show off the game and give a basic overview of the story.

Altero will also have a local co-op mode so that you can solve puzzles with a friend, with special levels designed specifically for two people to work together. Furthermore, Altero will also have secondary goals that you can take the time to achieve to add an additional challenge. The game will be released early 2017, so if you are interested in supporting Altero, head on over to the Steam Greenlight page to cast your vote.

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