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1429340cookie-checkArctic Trucker Simulator Brings Icy Danger To Steam

Arctic Trucker Simulator Brings Icy Danger To Steam

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to drive a large 18-wheeler across the icy roads of the Arctic, there’s actually a simulator for that.

UIG Entertainment’s Arctic Trucker Simulator sees players taking on the dangerous, icy roads in one of the coldest, most unforgiving places on the planet. The new game was even endorsed by a popular ice trucker, Alex Debogorski. And you know if an ice trucker thinks your game is legit, well then your game must be legit. I mean, how often do you see games endorsed by real life ice truckers?

The concept of the game is pretty simple: you’re an ice trucker and you must transport the goods from one destination to the next, this includes carrying wood, machines, consumer goods and more, all while dealing with the frigid sub-zero temperatures, the slick roads and the poor visibility of the great north.

You can see what the gameplay is like for the title with the trailer below, featuring a look at the game’s visuals, mechanics and some of the roads players will be traveling across.

The physics are obviously no where near on par to something like SCS Software’s Euro Truck Simulator, which will easily deter some gamers from giving Arctic Trucker Simulator the time of day.

However, the game is a multiplatform release, being made available on Steam and mobile devices, so they likely tried keeping the assets and physics as close to one another as possible. This actually didn’t work out so well for them on the PC front because PC gamers have been giving the title mostly negative review scores, mostly for the reason I stated in the above paragraph: the trucks lack proper physics and realistic handling.

Nevertheless, if you want to learn more about the game you can check out the Steam store page.

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