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Arms Of Telos, New Kind Of FPS Seeks Votes On Steam Greenlight

I know this game looks like an eyesore to many but the graphics behind OverpoweredGames’ Arms of Telos is besides the point; the point behind this Greenlight game is to mix up the FPS genre in general and try something outside of the box. Arms of Telos is set to come out for PC sometime in 2017.

Jumping right into the game and its premise, the developer wrote up a description/explanation thingy that outlines why this game is currently on Steam Greenlight and what it seeks to offer:

“With over 30 years of games, I feel like the competitive FPS genre should have more variety than the handful of subgenres that keep popping up. I think that there could be something new — something other than an Arena FPS, Tactical FPS, Arcade FPS, or even the now ubiquitous Hero FPS. That’s what I’m trying to create with Arms of Telos — an FPS where you move differently, fight differently — something that feels like a new experience, even when taking inspiration from the past. Arms of Telos is definitely still a work in progress and, ideally, it will continue to grow and evolve after launch.”

Remember the game known as Arms of Telos is not about its graphics but gameplay. The idea behind this project is to offer something that’s fresh to the FPS genre — although I think that’s up for debate. You can check out the video below thanks to OverpoweredGames.

If you’ve skipped the video, the game is all about zero gravity with full six degrees of freedom in outer space, gravity inside space colonies carved out of asteroids with special magnetic surfaces floating about, waiting to be manipulated for extreme movement. Weapons and equipment can further augment a player’s movement, like the grapple hook, laser weapons and more.

As noted above by the devs, the basic foundation behind this game was to create something different in the FPS genre that is not a typical arena shooter, hero FPS, or “tactical” E-sports FPS, but one that aims to be fun and different. I’m not sure if the devs will be able to convey that or not through gameplay, but time will tell how gamers take to Arms of Telos.

You can either vote for Arms of Telos over on Steam Greenlight or you can learn more by hitting up

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