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1417630cookie-checkAssault Suit Leynos Set To Launch For PC And PS4 On July 12th

Assault Suit Leynos Set To Launch For PC And PS4 On July 12th

The Japanese shoot’em up game Assault Suit Leynos is set to hit PC and PS4 on July 12th. Publisher Rising Star Games and developer Dracue will bring back the old classic to the west in HD.

Taking a look over at the, the source provides a list of information regarding the game and what fans can expect when the 16-bit Japanese shoot’em becomes available for PC and PS4. Speaking of its release, Assault Suit Leynos will sport both a digital version — for PC via steam and for PS4 — and a physical release.

In addition to the physical release, the PS4 will also gain a deluxe double-sided poster featuring art work from the original classic 16-bit Target Earth version.

If you don’t know what Assault Suit Leynos is about, newcomers and folks having dabbled in the series will learn that the J-type shoot’em up has many sides to its mechanics:

“For newcomers, Assault Suit Leynos provides a rewarding learning curve. With patience and proficiency, you’ll begin to make headway into the game in no time, discovering your favorite weapon loadouts to choose for the mission, and enjoying the game’s climactic set pieces and anime sci-fi story. There’s also the opportunity to apply various gameplay modifiers to customize your experience the way you want it.”

If that sounds promising to veterans of the game or newcomers alike, then you can watch the official trailer below.

The game is also noted to keep its same level of difficulty and will offer a remixed Arcade Mode that extends various levels. If you don’t like all of the remade and new changes, the older version will still be playable in the remake under Classic Mode. Assault Suit Leynos will be available for PC and PS4 on July 12th.

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