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Astroneer Coming To PAX West, New Videos Show In-Game Footage

A space game entitled Astroneer, which is made by an indie company named System Era, seeks to bring planet hopping, multiplayer, world building and space travel to the gaming space. All of the above probably sounds like another particular space game from a certain company synonymous with “Hi Software”. Astroneer is set to be playable at PAX West, after it was announced today.

As of now, System Era seem to be focusing on making Astroneer a PC only game. To prove that the game will sport promised features like planet hopping, online support with other players, world building and space travel, the devs will have the game to be playable at PAX West which takes place between September 2nd and the 5th.

In case you are wondering where this information derives from, System Era posted it on their Twitter account. Tagging along with this information comes a PAX West trailer for the game that shows colorful space exploration. You can check out the video below.

Now that folks are up to speed with what the game is about and where it will be playable, the devs also released an older video to show off that the game is capable of sporting what they have promised to fans a while back.

The multiplayer is actually shown with the devs playing around with each other in space, on ground and with their created landscapes. The video can be seen in its entirety thanks to System Era‘s YouTube channel.

Seeing how the team stands to be indie, I hope that they don’t try to make Astroneer for more platforms. Not that I’m dissing anything, but I do think that they will get more done and have more time to polish the game if it stays PC only. This will also help prevent selling an Early Access game on consoles, and will ensure more time to focus on delivering a complete product. Finally, it also means when the game is presentable, if they want, the devs can ship it to other platforms.

As noted above, the game will be playable at PAX West starting on September 2nd this weekend. For more information on the game you can either head over to Steam, or

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