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Astroneer Devs Reveal New Animations And Show 1 Hour Of Gameplay

Astroneer is a game that is shaping up nicely, and although it is an indie game that is not out right now the devs do seem to be concerned enough to forewarn players about the current and future state of the game. Continuing their acts of updating players on what Astroneer seeks to accomplish, the devs, System Era, posted up a GIF and an hour long let’s play showing what’s new.

For those that don’t know, Astroneer is a space simulator that sees players assuming the role of curious astronauts in space. Players will use futuristic tools to manipulate various planets to make them function in their favor, as well as finding lost artifacts by scavenging around caves, searching mountains and driving around in land vehicles.

Players will be able to use an in-game 3D printer to create other types of items or machines to expand their bases, as well as exploiting whatever planet that they are on to gain more raw resources to build stuff.

As of recent the developers, System Era, posted a GIF showing what they have created for Astroneer. This comes in the form of new animations that span across vaulting, sitting and other idle animations.

Next, we learn about how much oxygen will be given to a player in the game when you are not linked to a main station, and how much power can be used in your deforming tool in a new Let’s Play video. The video also covers how the devs will address game crashes, glitches and other elements during the game’s early stages.

You can check out the Let’s Play video (the second in the series), which runs for one hour and 53 minutes that is on System Era‘s channel.

Astroneer is set to come out for PC via Steam Early Access and Xbox One sometime during December of this year. For more information regarding this game you can head on over to

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