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Asylopole: Sanitarium Inspired Point-And-Click Adventure Comes To Greenlight

I really like when games go retro, but in a different art style from the standard 2D pixel-art, and Asylopole fits that bill.

Developers Pixoala has gone old-school with their point-and-click satirical adventure that was inspired by the classic game, Sanitarium. In Asylopole you will delve into the deep confines of the human mind to see what makes them tick. Players will take on the role of Adam, a psychiatrist that works in huge a asylum to help his patients. In the world of Asylopole, the story is a bit similar to the movie Inception, because Adam will literally dive into the disturbed minds of his patients to reveal their dark secrets and to help them deal with their problems, and as a result, you have to deal with their mental demons and illusions.

The game however takes place in a strange dystopian future world which gives the game a unique setting and visual setup. The art style really makes the concept cool because it is done in a mix of 2D animation, rotoscope, and even stop-motion animation to really create a strange and unique visual experience, while still keeping with the theme of the 90s era retro graphics art style.

The gameplay for Asylopole seems to vary based on the patient’s mind, and the developers say that the game also takes place in a non-linear environment. Based on what the trailer has shown so far, there seems to be puzzles, talking, and even some type of strange looking combat system where you have to punch an enemy NPC. Take a look at the Asylopole trailer that gives us a small glimpse at the crazy world that you can explore.

The concept seems interesting so I am interested to see how it all plays out. There currently is no release date just yet, but the developers have a Steam Greenlight campaign going on and they are currently looking for votes to be accepted by the community. If you are interested in learning more about Asylopole, you can also visit their official website to learn more.

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