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1428480cookie-checkAtomic Space Command Lets You Build Your Own Ship And Battle In Space

Atomic Space Command Lets You Build Your Own Ship And Battle In Space

Publisher and developer “No, You Shut Up” recently announced that their upcoming game Atomic Space Command has been delayed. The space exploration game contains ship creation, managing external and internal ship parts, taking over planets/asteroids and battling other AI and player ships. The game has been pushed from September 30th to October 13th, and will be for PC.

Atomic Space Command is a multi-crew co-op and competitive space game that sees players and AIs fighting in a Solar Arena. The developers envisioned Atomic Space Command to be a game where players can link up and build each other ships, and fly into battle together.

“Atomic Space Command is a multi-crew co-op/competitive spaceship action game played in a solar system arena. Experience thrilling space combat action strategy with a touch of simulation that pits you and your friends’ ships against ships built and operated by enemy players and their friends.”

According to both the trailer and the written description, you will be able to customize your ship with snap-on pieces including reactors, shields, weapons, life support, computers and hacking parts.

Ship parts that utilize resources will have to be maintained to survive. The reason behind this is because your characters are actually in the ship and need oxygen. Other internal ship care call for powering up reactors, allocating power, repairing damaged internal parts from space battles, maintaining energy and weapons, and taking care of crew members that are hurt.

Upon seizing and holding planets, and of course guarding them, you will win have a higher chance of winning that particular battle/conflict. Upon building weapons, fighter launchers and shields on them you will be able to defend whatever planet or asteroid it is that you must defend so that you can also use said celestial bodies to repair and refuel your ship.

Atomic Space Command is set to drop for PC via Steam Early Access on October 13th. The latest trailer for the space game is up and runs for two minutes and 22 seconds, thanks to No, You Shut Up Games.

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