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1435540cookie-checkAttack On Titan: Escape From Certain Death Gains New Trailer

Attack On Titan: Escape From Certain Death Gains New Trailer

Folks who own a Nintendo 3DS and love to indulge in visual novels should be pleased to know that Koei Tecmo and Ruby Party released a new trailer for Attack On Titan: Escape From Certain Death. The game currently has no Western release yet, but the new title will debut in Japan on March 30th in 2017.

If you are really into visual novels and fancy the world of Attack On Titan then you will most likely find Ruby Party’s latest spin on the popular series interesting. The devs plan on making Attack On Titan: Escape From Certain Death a game that focuses on a character that you (the player) builds up during original events with familiar characters.

The story will be propelled through choices and will take place a little bit before the events of the Female Titan, which will offer up new segments in an older part of the overall story in AoT.

In addition to the overall story and game, you will take up the role of being a member of the Survey Corps that needs to investigate an area that soon falls into danger. This leads to the team to regroup and retreat into an old castle to be threaten by an onslaught of Titans. Trying to escape certain death, the player will be able to experience another side of AoT while trying to find a way out of the dilapidated castle.

If you want to see the new trailer that shows more of the visual novel, you can check out the video trailer that Ruby Party posted up for your viewing pleasure.

As noted above, Attack On Titan: Escape From Certain Death does not have a Western release date yet, but I’m sure that will change in the near future. As for the Japanese version folks will be able to get the VN on March 30th, 2017.

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