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1424700cookie-checkAutomobilista Version 1.0 Brings Bug Fixes, New Cars And Tracks

Automobilista Version 1.0 Brings Bug Fixes, New Cars And Tracks

Automobilista has been out this year since February 29th. With the racing game’s seven month run going on eight, Reiza Studio released a new update, entitled version 1.0, which brings bug fixes, new vehicles and tracks. Automobilista is out now for PC.

From all four wheels on the circuit to zipping past other racers, Automobilista brings a nice amount of vehicles to drive across the finish line. Although the game may look ridiculous in certain videos and screenshots, it takes racing simulation to another level, as noted below:

“AUTOMOBILISTA places you in the driving seat of an advanced racing simulator, featuring elite Brazilian racing series along with a wide range of racing vehicles and international tracks for a uniquely diverse motorsports experience.”

Although Automobilista has been out for seven moths that did not stop the devs from seeding the latest update v1.0. This version brings a new series of cars named the F-Vintage 1967 and 1969, along with new tracks and bug fixes. Those who do not own the game will notice that the base price for the game has gone to $39.99 (which is adjusted for other countries) to reflect the “new changes”.

The new circuits to race on consist of Flugplatz Bergschleife & Mendig Supertruck, Buenos Aires circuits number seven & nine, Kansai West & Classic Layouts, and VIR South & Patriot Layouts.

As of course there are lots more to Version 1.0, but a lot of it is sprawled together under “Features & Fixes”. If you want to check out a glimpse of Automobilista Version 1.0, a new video trailer sits below for your viewing pleasure.

If you are looking to jump from rental karts to 800-horse powered single-seaters, from drifting Rallycross EvoX to jumping ramps in Super-trucks, or mastering Formula Vee on 24h races, you can do all that in Automobilista — if you are into racing and automobile games.

If Automobilista has your curiosity, you can visit Steam to learn more or

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