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Bad Caterpillar Updated And Available For Only $0.99

You’ve a $1 to spare? Maybe a little bit of time to burn? Need something to flesh out your Steam library that won’t take up too much space or burn through your bandwidth? Well, you’re in luck because Fun Infused Games’ Bad Caterpillar could fit the bill for a lighthearted, arcade-style shooter to give you a gaming fix for under a dollar.

The developers recently pinged us via Twitter about the game, offering some review codes but fleshing out a review of a game this deep into the holiday season is like trying to reload an LMG during round 78 of Call of Duty zombies.

Nevertheless, the developer also recently updated Bad Caterpillar to address some of the bugs and glitches in the game, and there’s no harm in letting people know that the game is made better for such a cheap price. So what was updated? According to the Steam post the game has corrected a few issues with an enemy going through certain blocks and doing damage where they weren’t supposed to. There’s also been the addition of the options menu being accessible through the in-game pause menu. I love this because it’s such a pain when you have to exit back to the main menu to make certain changes, or worse yet, exit the game entirely to modify the graphics or control settings (and I’m looking square at you Sonic Generations and Batman Arkham games).

Nevertheless, you’re probably curious about the actual gameplay itself. What’s it like? What do you do? What’s the purpose?

Well, Bad Caterpillar is a Space Invaders-style arcade shooter. If you need some help visually picturing the game, you can check out the trailer below.

The combat is surprisingly fast.

Reflexes are key as you attempt to kill the bad caterpillars and avoid being killed from the on-screen enemies. Different levels have various obstructions in the way that will require players to have to time their shots and reposition quickly to avoid being overwhelmed.

The game has a slight Breakout theme to it, except instead of using a ball to break bricks, you’re using space-age weaponry to blowout blocks and kill the caterpillars.

You can check out Bad Caterpillar right now over on the Steam store for only $0.99. Fun Infused Games are continuing to take feedback and update the indie title as necessary.

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