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Batman Arkham Knight Season Of Infamy Walkthrough

There’s a series of new missions made available in the Season of Infamy DLC in Batman: Arkham Knight. Most of the missions are just under half an hour long and are fairly simple to complete, but a few gamers might need a guided walkthrough to help them out.

The conveniently named YouTuber Batman Arkham Videos has a series of videos Batman Arkham Knight Season Of Infamy Walkthrough for each of the new missions featured in the Season of Infamy: Most Wanted. You can check out the first one, “In From The Cold” below.

At the start of Batman Arkham Knight Season Of Infamy Walkthrough, you’ll need to head to the boat stuck in a frozen iceberg to begin the mission. Take out the soldiers atop the boat deck. After defeating the militia on the deckhead down to the broken hull. From there head through the frozen section of the hull to talk to Victor Freeze.

You’ll receive a transmitter that will lead you to a dock across town nearly 2,000 meters away. It’s probably best to use the Batmobile to get there. Take out the guards on the dock – some of them are heavily armored so if you aren’t very good at button mashing just use a gadget or two to disable them or utilize your stealth tactics to take them out.

The tracker will lead to a box full of nice – one of the men will tell Batman to head to a rooftop. There are more troops scattered atop the rooftops. You can easily dispatch them by staying low and avoiding direct contact.

Another cinematic will cue once the men are defeated and the cryo-chamber is accessed. The cinematic will lead to a driving sequence where Batman must race to Mr. Freeze’s location. From there the player will use the Batmobile to battle an army of drones until Mr. Freeze can help Batman.

The second mission, “Beneath The Surface”, features Killer Croc. You can check it out below.

The mission starts off with Batman investigating the crash of Iron Heights, the flying prison. Once inside the mission takes a slow, methodical approach to finding Waylon “Killer Croc” Jones. The first couple of minutes is mostly just rescuing the trapped guards. After freeing the first guard throw a Batarang to flip the switch across the opposite side of the room. Proceed across the platforms to make your way to the Warden’s location.

After a short cinematic Batman will be joined by Nightwing for some dynamic duo action.

Following a cinematic, Batman is informed that he needs to find two keycards and that both guards who have each card parachuted out. You’ll need to travel to the location where the guard landed after parachuting out of the blimp. Get the keycard and proceed to the next location where the second guard is located. He’s surrounded by thugs that need to be dealt with. Once you get the second card head back to Iron Heights.

After accessing the high-security area, move through the testing facility to get to Croc. Use the floor grates to get from one area to the next.

batman ak

Using the floor grate, head into the room with Croc and the other prisoners. Batman and Nightwing will have to battle the prisoners while also battling Croc. He’s not a particularly difficult boss; just dodge his charge across the room and use the dual charge attacks to beat him up.

You can charge up the dual charge attacks by beating on the other prisoners. Rinse and repeat pummeling Croc into the ground until he’s knocked out. Flip the switch to free the Warden. After that, the Batwing cinematic will play showing a captured Croc.

The third mission features Jervis “Mad Hatter” Tetch. The mission is called “Wonderland”.

The mission starts in Gotham City PD. Batman has to head through the police department to talk to the Mad Hatter. It turns out that he’s taken hostages – cops.

Leave GCPD and head to the island with the statue – there’s a siren going off on a car on the island with a cop locked in the trunk. The trunk is wired with bombs. Batman will need to use his tech to remotely disarm the bombs rigged in the trunk.

Another hostage is located at the lighthouse on the edge of Gotham City. I don’t know how the Mad Hatter got the cop car on the lighthouse isle, but he did. Use the mini-game to deactivate the bomb to rescue the cop in the trunk.

batman ak 2

The third hostage is located at the bridge near Panessa Studios. Just like the other two mini-games, simply deactivate the bombs to open the trunk.

Head back to GCPD to talk to the Mad Hatter. Batman will find himself trapped in the Mad Hatter’s storybook featuring Arkham Asylum. It’s essentially just a series of combat challenges.

The final new mission features Ra’s al Ghul. It’s called “Shadow War”. The mission is nearly 10 minutes longer than any other mission in the Season of Infamy.

The mission starts at Grand Avenue on top of a rooftop. Players will have to do some actual investigative work, following a bloody trail across the Gotham City rooftops. Batman will have to do a bit of Assassin’s Creed parkour following the blood trail; it will lead to a group of mercenaries on a rooftop.

Players will follow the trail of blood all the way to the roof of Elliot Memorial Hospital. This will eventually reveal a group of insurgents from the League of Assassins.

After defeating the group there’s a door that’s locked with no power. The air duct above can be used to get into the locked room but it still has no power. Players will need to remotely use the Batmobile to head to the back of the building and power up the generator. This will restore power to the hospital so Batman can get into the next section of the hospital.

From there, players will have to try to get into the morgue after heading to one of the lower levels. In order to disable a power surge preventing Batman from accessing the morgue, a remote Batarang must be used to fly through a hole in the wall, fly into the next room and electrify the Batarang before flying back into the room with the power lever – crash the Batarang into the lever to disable the power surge.

Inside the morgue, there’s a short puzzle where Batman must access a hidden room. The dead rebel’s last actions must be reconstructed as Batman must press each button in sequence to access the room with Ra’s Al Ghul.

Use the Batmobile to follow the green trail on the map to find the source of the new Lazarus Pit. It’s located under Gotham near a water supply.

batman ak 3

After defeating the rebels Batman will need to head back to the Elliot Memorial Hospital where Batman will have to face Ra’s again. Before doing so there are a few traps that Batman must overcome, before heading back down into the lair of Ra’s.

Players will have the choice of either saving Ra’s or destroying the machine. If the cure is administered to save Ra’s players will have to fight the rebel insurgents.

If the second option is chosen Batman will destroy the makeshift Lazarus machine and will have to fight Ra’s remaining followers. The second ending definitely seems like the proper ending.

That’s all for Batman Arkham Knight Season Of Infamy Walkthrough, hope you enjoy reading and playing the game. Have fun!

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