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Batman: The Enemy Within Ending Explained

Telltale Games wrapped up the second season of Batman: The Enemy Within. No matter how the season ends it’s an explosive, visceral, bloody ending for both Batman and The Joker. A quick recap of the events for those who haven’t been following the game throughout the season can find a quick recap of the endings explained for Batman: The Enemy Within right here.

The season starts with The Riddler terrorizing certain individuals within Gotham’s criminal underground. Batman gets involved and manages to subdue the Riddler following Riddler killing Lucius Fox. The Riddler is killed right after Batman stops him from launching targeted rockets into Gotham. While there’s a mystery surrounding who killed the Riddler, it’s revealed later on that Lucius’ daughter, Tiffany, used one of her drones laced with a poison dart to kill the Riddler in order to get revenge against him for killing her father.

As an aside, depending on how Bruce treats Tiffany determines if she ends up joining up with Amanda Waller as an agent, or if she joins Batman as a sidekick.

Throughout the season Batman has to juggle between being the Dark Knight and being Bruce Wayne, the latter of which is forced by the Agency’s Amanda Waller to go undercover as a criminal in a group known as The Pact, which consists of Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, and Bane. Waller uses leverage of Batman/Bruce Wayne’s identity to get him to somewhat work for her.

Batman The Enemy Within - Episode 4 - Riddler's Body

The Pact ramps up its terror on Gotham after The Riddler is killed because it turns out that Harley Quinn is looking to get her hands on a serum for a virus that can be used to prevent succumbing to mental illness like her father. Only the Riddler had access to the serum, but with his death Harley is out of luck.

Bruce stays undercover with The Pact in order to disrupt their plans from within. He works with another member of The Pact, John Doe, whom he originally met in Arkham Asylum during the first season.

John is mentally unstable but takes a liking to Bruce after the two help each other out during a riot when they were in Arkham Asylum. Depending on if Batman/Bruce is nice and trusting of John determines how he develops.

While Bruce and John are part of The Pact, which includes Harley, Bane, and Mr. Freeze, John falls in love with Harley and does whatever it takes to please her. He struggles to help Bruce while also carrying out the tasks set before him by Harley.

Eventually things begin to break down, and The Pact implodes as Amanda Waller cracks down on them using the Agency. Things culminate between Harley and the Agency when they have a standoff on the bridge where Harley threatens to use a deadly virus on everyone on the bridge.

A pivotal moment takes place as both John and Bruce want to get to Harley, but a handful of Waller’s agents end up dead and John asks Bruce if he trusts that he didn’t kill the agents in cold blood. If Bruce trusts John then the two team up to stop Harley on the bridge, but Waller betrays John and John ends up jumping off the bridge to avoid being killed. If Bruce chooses not to trust John, then John goes off the deep end and accuses Bruce/Batman of betraying his trust and only using him as a means to stop The Pact. John will go to the bridge, but instead of stopping Harley the duo work together to blow up the bridge and embrace in a kiss before jumping off the bridge.

Batman The Enemy Within - Episode 4 - Joker Kisses Harley

The finale unfolds in two drastically different ways depending on how Bruce and John’s relationship developed over the course of the season. If Bruce and John team up as vigilantes, where John changes his name to The Joker. Waller ends up putting a target on both of them, fearing that John is still a threat, which results in Batman and Joker working together to take down Waller’s makeshift Suicide Squad consisting of Bane, Harley and Catwoman.

Batman is severely wounded in the encounter when Joker goes off the deep end by using explosives in an attempt to kill Waller, causing the roof to collapse as Batman attempts to stop the bombs from going off.

Catwoman ends up helping Batman, who is near death after being impaled from the fall. Joker captures Waller during the rooftop chaos and tries to force her to confess to the death of The Riddler, unbeknownst to him that Tiffany actually killed the Riddler. A gravely wounded Batman faces off against The Joker in the Ace Chemicals plant, where Batman manages to save Waller and Tiffany during a face-off with the Joker. Several agents attempt to subdue the Joker but he butchers them with knives. During the fight, Joker uses many of the tactics and techniques he learned from Batman during their time training together, resulting in Batman taking even more damage as the two have a final, bloody confrontation involving knives and batarangs.

Batman The Enemy Within Episode 5 - Joker Ruminates On Harley

In the villain’s route, Joker and Harley team up together to terrorize Gotham. Harley still wants a serum, and decides to use the virus as a way to ransom Gotham’s safety in exchange for the serum, she also wants Batman dead. Joker knows that there is no serum and that Bruce Wayne is actually Batman, but he chooses to keep that info from her in order to stay close to her. The two go around killing – Harley with the intent of getting the serum, and Joker doing it as a way to get back at Bruce for betraying their friendship.

Joker sets up an elaborate plan in order to torture Bruce over his betrayal, capturing Jim Gordon and forcing him to lure Batman into a trap. In exchange, Joker gives Gordon a map of Gotham where all of the bombs containing the virus are located. However, Joker shoots out Gordon’s knees so he can’t stop the bombs too quickly. Joker strips Bruce of his Batman armor and then has Bruce go through a fun house where Selina, Tiffany, and Alfred have been captured. Joker forces them to play a game themed around trust so that he can punish Bruce for betraying him.

Bruce and Selina manage to fight back against Harley and Joker. Bruce and Joker fight throughout the fun house and Joker manages to stab Bruce several times before being knocked out. Bruce attempts to revive Joker after thinking he killed Joker, only for Joker to wake up and stab Bruce in the side. The two lay on the ground, where Bruce tells Joker that he broke his heart by turning their friendship into something ugly, but Joker reveals that since they couldn’t be friends that they would be beautiful enemies.

In the villain ending Joker is seen in Arkham Asylum playing with a doll he’s made of Bruce, putting lipstick on it and talking to himself. In the Vigilante ending Joker is seen in Arkham Asylum, but he gets an unexpected visit from Bruce Wayne, which puts a smile on his face.

In both endings, Alfred decides that he’s had enough of the Batman and decides to leave. Bruce has the option of either giving up Alfred so he can continue to fight crime as Batman, or give up being Batman so that Alfred will stay.

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