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Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 5 Walkthrough

Telltale Games released the final episode of the season for Batman: The Telltale Series called Episode 5: City of Light. The episode offers drastically different outcomes based on the decisions made in the earlier seasons and those drastic outcomes will require different approaches to solving the final case of the season and taking down Lady Arkham. This gameplay walkthrough will guide you through the basics of the big choices affecting the gameplay in Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 5: City of Light.

GamerrZombie offers a playthrough following the thread that involves Batman taking down Harvey, resulting in him getting arrested. This playthrough also follows the thread of Batman forfeiting his opportunity to stop the Penguin, thus resulting in his bat tech being hacked and him having to shutdown the Batcomputer.

The beginning of the episode will start with the Children of Arkham having taken hostages, including the police Commissioner Grogan. Batman’s faulty tech will limit his abilities to save the hostages, but players will need to battle through the quick-time events.

Additional quick-time events will open up where Batman will have to hack into the damaged drone in order to stop the Penguin’s attacks.  Bruce will have to face Cobblepot without the Batman armor while meeting him in the park. Bruce will need to distract Cobblepot as Gordon takes out the drone computer.

Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 5 - Damaged Armor

Just talk to Cobblepot and then beat up the drones to take him and the drones down. This opening is quite different from the alternate opening.

The alternate playthrough from RabidRetrospectGames follows the story thread where there’s the alternate take on the Two-Face story, where instead of taking down Harvey, Batman goes after Cobblepot to save the Bat Computer and remove Cobblepot’s hacks. This, however, results in Two-Face burning down Wayne Manor and getting away Scott free. You can check out that playthrough below.

If you decide to follow through with the direction where Dent burns down the Wayne manor and stop Cobblepot, the game starts with Gordon being hounded down by Two Face’s enforcers.

You’ll need to fight off some of his enforcers and attempt to rescue the Commissioner.

Make quick work of the baddies by following the on-screen quick-time events.

Instead of going against Harvey in the last episode, you’ll have to face Harvey as Bruce in Episode 5: City of Light.

You can talk Harvey down by being friendly to him, reminding him about wanting a “safer Gotham” and can help save some of the hostages.

Batman uses his Batcomputer to piece together how Vicki Vale became Lady Arkham. You can use the Batcomputer to access the Wayne Enterprises records.

Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 5 - Batsuit

If you check the surveillance file you can then access the security file. After you access those files access Vicki Vale’s record once more.

Before Bruce can deal with Lady Arkham, there’s a quick intermission involving Selina Kyle where players have the option of saying she’s more than just a thief, or calling her thief. The more sentimental Bruce is the more Selina will take notice. Being mean to her will also cause her to remember that.

During the investigation with the disappearance of Alfred, combine the fireplace with the fire poker in the wall. Combine the pool cue with the blood on the pool table. Combine the broken book shelf with the ash on the ground.

Use the Batcowl to examine the surroundings in Lady Arkham’s hideout thanks to Alfred’s glasses.

Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 5 - Lady Arkham

Use the Batcomputer to filter down the date to 1945, homes with a basement and homes by bus stops.

Inside the Vale’s home you’ll need to pinpoint the clues that Alfred left for Bruce, which says they’re taking him to Arkham Asylum.

You can use the link system during the combat system to take out the Arkham Asylum inmates during the cafeteria fight.

Following the segment involving the traps, you’ll have the choice of either removing the mask or attacking Vicki in order to save Alfred. There are two different outcomes of approaching Vicki, where attacking her will result in a fight ensuing where Super Vicki will fight with Batman and players will have to play through a quick-time event. Alternatively, things go a little bit differently if Batman removes the mask, as indicated in the video below.

After defeating Lady Arkham, Bruce and Alfred return home and then an option appears where players can attend the event at the end of the episode as either Batman or Bruce Wayne: as Bruce it can help clear the Wayne name, but as Batman it can help inspire Gotham to be more just.

Additionally, as Batman, there’s room for a little more heroics to help make him look like the true savior of Gotham.

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