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1545450cookie-checkBattle Princess Madelyn Trailer Previews Cartoon Cinematic And Side-Scrolling Gameplay

Battle Princess Madelyn Trailer Previews Cartoon Cinematic And Side-Scrolling Gameplay

Casual Bit Games released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming Battle Princess Madelyn, featuring some teases from the first chapter of the game. The upcoming sprite-designed side-scroller is scheduled to release for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and even the abandoned and long forgotten Wii U.

The video won’t keep you long, it’s only two and a half minutes. The video actually starts with a quick cinematic showing Madelyn in bed reading a bed time story about the Battle Princess. The cinematic switches over to a brief hand-animated cartoon sequence showcasing the knight in training, Battle Princess Madelyn, coming to the aid of some village folks by killing a skeleton warrior with her pet dog.


The game takes a hilariously morbid twist when an evil wizard emerges and attacks Madelyn’s castle. As the princess arrives to save her family, her trusty dog Fritzy leaps into action and attacks the wizard, only to get hit with a giant bolt of lightning, frying and killing the dog in the process.

After Madelyn witnesses her dead dog get blasted to the ground, she mourns for a bit and then gets up and prepares to enter into the battle, as the cinematic switches over to the actual gameplay.

With a bit of magic, Madelyn’s dog is returned to her in the form of a ghost. We then get to see Madelyn, another knight, and her dead ghost dog traveling through a variety of environments, including dungeons, graveyards, and forests, fighting a number of enemies, ghosts, and ghouls.

The gameplay is very similar to the likes of Ghouls & Ghosts.

As Madelyn travels through the levels, she’ll also have to face off against various larger-than-life bosses.

Madelyn’s running animations look kind of goofy, but maybe that’s what the developers were going for?

Sprite-wise, everything looks good. You would likely think at first glance that this was a 16-bit game from the Sega Genesis era.

You can look for the game to launch at some point in the future for home consoles and PC.

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