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1425020cookie-checkBattlefield 1 Open Beta Is Now Up And Playable Across PC, PS4 And Xbox One

Battlefield 1 Open Beta Is Now Up And Playable Across PC, PS4 And Xbox One

Better known as the open beta, EA and DICE are holding a playable build of Battlefield 1 that is set to run from August 31st to September 8th. The open beta spans across PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Running around 6.1GB (may vary on platform and hotfixes), the open beta can be downloaded on said platforms. The open beta was seeded to Battlefield Insider members in advance, providing them some extra time playing the WW1 game ahead of its upcoming October release.

This open beta will include the Sinai Desert map, located in the scorching hot desert just east of El-Jifar. The map will see infantry battling in the tight streets of the village of Bir el Mazar, coupled with sky fighters claiming dominance over the rigid cliffs of said location.

Additionally, if things get out of hand the behemoth train for Sinai Desert map can steamroll anything over with its deadly armored glory and ballistics.

Although there will only be one map for players to duke it out on, there will be two games modes to occupy players during the open beta for Battlefield 1. You can read what the two modes are about, below:

Conquest: Pitting teams against each other in a 64 player map (32 vs. 32) the large-scale mode sees objectives as an importance. These objectives stand as key points and must be taken by foot soldiers and armament in order to claim victory over the opposing team.

Rush: in total, 24 players are split into teams of 12 and must play key roles to emerge victorious. One team of 12 plays the attackers and must find the objective to destroy, while the defending team must defend said objective from their counterparts. Each time an objective is destroyed the defending team must fall back to protect the next objective.

If any of the above sounds interesting to you, has more information on the Open Beta. Battlefield 1 is set to launch later this year on October 21st, and will be for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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