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1435600cookie-checkBattlefield 1 Patch Adds Giant’s Shadow Map, Spectator Mode

Battlefield 1 Patch Adds Giant’s Shadow Map, Spectator Mode

Sometime later today Battlefield 1’s newest patch from DICE will go live, featuring a brand new map called Giant’s Shadow, which will be available for season pass holders exclusively for a week before being made available to everyone else for free… surprisingly.

The Giant’s Shadow map will be accompanied by highly requested features such as a spectator mode, and the new custom game option called Standard Issue Rifles. This limits access to all other weapons for a character class other than their standard issue weapons based on what used during that period in World War I. It’s an interesting feature.

They also added a new Support class gadget in the form of a grenade crossbow, it gets a little bit of screen time during the new trailer they released below.

The Giant’s Map, as featured in the trailer above, will also come with an armored train that runs through the area. It should help give the area a little extra tar and spice in addition to the downed zeppelin working as window dressing for the background.

In addition to the new support weapon, the new map, the new spectator mode and the new custom game option, DICE also revealed over on the official Battlefield website that they’ve tweaked the weapons, the classes and some of the gameplay, to better bring a balance to the field of combat. This includes balancing out the shotgun, modifying cooldown on the syringe and sprint, as well as spawns for the Landship.

If you own the season pass you can download and start playing the Giant’s Shadow map today, but if you’re too poor or too smart to have wasted money on the season pass, you can get your hands on the new map starting December 20th.

The update will be available for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC version of the game, and DICE announced that the first major premium pack for season pass holders will be made available in March of 2017.

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