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1422570cookie-checkBattlefield 1 Weapons Trailer Digs Out Bolt-Action Rifles, Automatic Machine Guns

Battlefield 1 Weapons Trailer Digs Out Bolt-Action Rifles, Automatic Machine Guns

There are a lot of debates raging about the authenticity of Battlefield 1. Some people think it’s too modernized, others believe it’s not being realistic enough with its lack of focus on trench warfare, others believe it needs to be a boring sitting simulator in order to capture the real feeling of World War I. Well, DICE decided to clear up a few things with a trailer dedicated to some of the weaponry from that era, and it wasn’t all slow firing muskets and flintlocks.

The trailer clocks in at just two minutes, featuring a wide range of the different kinds of rifles, pistols, sub-machine guns, automatic machine guns and sniper rifles that players will have at their disposal throughout the game. We also get to see some sticky mines that can be used to destroy tanks, artillery that can level buildings, and some experimental rifles that were later used in World War II. Check out the video below.

Various members of DICE talk up how passionate they are about finally being able to tackle World War I, as well as the fact that just because it was World War I doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

EA was originally against them making the game, but they had to really work hard to convince the publisher to put some backbone into supporting the WWI shooter. It was a smart move because Infinity Ward and Activision went with yet another futuristic game in the form of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The game may introduce space combat and flying vehicles but some people are a little bit worn out on the whole sci-fi theme from Call of Duty.

According to N3rdabl3, despite all the hype surrounding Battlefield 1, EA actually has modest and very conservative views on the sales expectations for the shooter. Part of it could be that they’re releasing the game days apart from Titanfall 2, which is also expected to be a huge blockbuster.

In the investor call CFO Blake Jorgensen expressed the restrained margins that EA has on Battlefield 1′s sales, saying…

“Typically a Battlefield does 15 million in a year,” […] “Our guidance is slightly under that and we hope that excitement builds and it’ll go through that number, but for now it’s slightly under that number.”


If the hype train keeps rolling in the way that it has, it’ll be a breezy 10 million for DICE right out of the gate. No doubts about it.

More than anything, Activision should be curtailing their expectations of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, because this year’s outing is facing some very stiff and very quality-made competition.

As for Battlefield 1, you can expect to see the game on store shelves starting October 21st for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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