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1423110cookie-checkBattlefield 1’s New Gameplay Video Series Introduces Vehicles

Battlefield 1’s New Gameplay Video Series Introduces Vehicles

Battlefield 1 seeks to recreate the war to end all wars with a “modern twist”, and of course with a  fast-paced touch added to the gruesome war, too. To show off the new content in the game, EA and DICE started up a new gameplay video series that now holds two videos so far. The first video being the weapons in Battlefield 1, the newly posted second video now covers the vehicles in the new entry.

In an attempt to show off the vehicles, planes, tanks, armored cars and so on, the devs made a bragging video, I mean… gameplay video showing off the early war machines of the 20th century. The video also comes with a description that details the new gameplay trailer, as noted below:

“Whether you’re flying in massive airships or battling tanks on the ground, Battlefield 1’s Vehicles will bring you to the dawn of all-out war.”

We also learn that customization will play an important role in a player’s endeavors on the field. This spans from changing the weapons, colors and more. As of course, the menu UI looks similar to some of the past games, and shows a variety of vehicles in the video. With that said, you can check out the new video in the gameplay series, courtesy of Battlefield.

As noted before, I’m still on the fence with this game. I wouldn’t buy it, but I would like to test the beta when it drops after Gamescon. If the beta is good I would consider watching gameplay videos by different YouTubers before buying it, just to see how the game plays out.

If you’re not like me and seek to purchase EA and DICE’s take on the great World War 1 conflict, in the realm of Battlefield, it is set to come out on October 21st for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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