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1533850cookie-checkBeaker Browser Allows You To Browse Peer-To-Peer Dat:// Websites

Beaker Browser Allows You To Browse Peer-To-Peer Dat:// Websites

Mozilla and Google both lean left, the latter more-so than the former and to frightening degrees. Nevertheless, if you wanted to browse the web in a decentralized way, it’s difficult to do so with a browser that contains wide-ranging functionality and the ability to browse the ever-expanding chain of peer-to-peer networking. Well, the Beaker browser may be the solution you never thought to look for.

This new browser allows to not only surf through standard http:// and https:// protocols, but you can also surf through and build dat:// connections as well. These peer-to-peer connections means that you can connect directly with another user and share or seed files from a site without worry about standard tracking, snooping, spoofing, sniffing, or privacy invasion like what you have to deal with when using any of Google’s products.


You can also install apps with the Beaker Browser, customizing the experience to something that best suits your browsing habits. But beyond that, the real selling point of the free-to-use browser is the ability to quickly and efficiently build a web page and share it with everyone with ease.

It’s a great way to create and share content, files, movies, clips, pictures, games, data files, and documents without having to go through the painstaking and privacy-invasive process of using social media services like 4Shared or DropBox, or law-breaking applications like Facebook, which have been selling user’s privacy data and allowing access to private messages, as reported by Fox News.

In this case, your privacy is in your hands. What you share and how you share is up to you, and how you engage with the network depends entirely on your commitment to the dat:// peer-to-peer network.

This means you can head over to the user pages and browse through the content to see what suits your fancy.

People share music, movies, games, apps, and all sorts of other content.

If you’re ready to elevate your browsing game and check out the next level of peer-to-peer browsing, you can download the Beaker browser for free right now from the official website.

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