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Bendy And The Ink Machine Chapter 4 Gameplay Walkthrough

TheMeatly Games’ Bendy and the Ink Machine has turned into a very popular single-player adventure game for fans of off kilter storytelling and unique worldbuilding. Chapter 4 of Bendy and the Ink Machine is available right now, and there are already gameplay walkthroughs available to help you out.

YouTuber RabidRetrospectGames has a complete walkthrough guide available for Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter 4. You can check out the 42 minute guide below.

The latest chapter, “Colossal Wonders”, starts with the task of rescuing Boris.

You’ll start down a hallway to Level 5: Accounting & Financing. Head through the hallway to the end and enter into the room on the right to listen to an indiscernible audio file.

Head back down the hallway toward the archives, which will open up a new objective.

Open the door and go inside, and there will be some ink statues on the stage. Head around into the next room and play the tape recorder on the table and you’ll hear the voice of Susie Campbell.

Go over to the book shelf on the right side of the door with “Private”, and there’s a book sticking out. Activate the book. Move around to the next book shel and press in the second book on the outer wall. There’s a third book within the inner archive on the shelf opposite of the Bendy cutout that you’ll need to press in and it will lite up some of the bulbs above the “Private” sign.


The final book is located on the lower shelf next to the stool. Press the book in and it will open the “Private” door.

Go through the door and up the ramp. You’ll need to press the lever, but it’s broke. Go into the next room and there’s a lever on the wall. Press the lever on the wall to raise the tube filled with ink and then turn the valve and take the ink blot out of the vat.

Place the the ink blot into the Gent machine and pull the lever, it will create a cup.

Gho back into the room with the ink vat and turn the valve. It will create another ink blob. Go to the side of the machine where you can create objects and there’s a switch on the right side of the machine; turn the switch to a gear and then put the ink blot into the Gent machine and pull the lever. It will create a gear.


Take the gear and place it onto the left side of the pulley system and pull the lever. It will bring the carrier to the other side so you can travel across.

Exit the room with the cart and head down the hallway with all the ink arms.

Proceed up the steps and through the room. Head through the door and past the inked people.

Grab the flashlight and head into the air vent. Avoid making contact with the Bendy ink monster.

Travel through the air vents and follow the pathway all the way until you reach the exit.

Bendy and the Ink Machine - Ink Arms

Go up the stairs, just as the signs instruct; there’s another tape recorder with Bertrum Piedmont giving an Andrew Ryan-esque speech as if he came right out of BioShock.

Press the lever on the back wall and head back down the steps.

Proceed through the storage room and make your way to the haunted house. You’ll need to power it up first. Go over to the test of power and pick up the mallet and whack it as hard as possible to light up the board.

Next, pick up the rifle and play the target practice game.

Bendy and the Ink Machine - Chapter 4 - Shooting Gallery

There’s also a tape recorder featuring Wally Franks. You can also play the ball game where you need to knock over all the bottles.

Once you complete the carnival games it will open one of the maintenance room doors and you’ll be able to go inside and flip the power switch. Go back to the power board and flip the first switch, this will open up the maintenance door next to the test of power carnival game.

Go through the door and avoid making contact with the ink monsters.

Grab the can on the crate at the end of the hall and throw it at a far corner of the room to distract the blot monsters so you can move through the hallway and flip the next power switch. There’s also a second maintenance switch you’ll need to press on the opposite side of where the monsters are in order to fully power up the door. So distract the monsters again and then proceed to flip the switch in the other room.

Head back into the main corridor and flip the number ‘2’ switch to go into the next room.

Listen to the tape recorder and it will start a boss fight against a crazy amusement ride.

Make your way around the room by dodging the carnival cars; there’s an axe on the floor. Pick the axe up and when the cars stop, use the axe to attack the glowing gears on the mechanical arms.


You’ll need to destroy each gear on the arm, and destroy each arm on the machine in order to defeat the boss.

Once the boss is defeated an area will open up with a glowing lever. Pull the lever.

Head back to the powerstation board and pull lever number ‘3’.

This will open up yet another door where you must travel through the hallways and down some stairs into a room flooded with ink and being patrolled by an ink monster with a projector for a head.

At the end of the room there’s a lever – you’ll need to press the lever in order to lift a gate and gain access to another room that has another lever inside. Be warned that once you flip the first lever, the camera-head monster will come after you, so work fast. You’ll need to press the second lever to turn off the lights so that the camera monster will stop chasing you.

Head down the steps into the flooded train bay and play the tape recorder of Joey Drew.

The camera monster will start chasing you again when you attempt to exit the room.

Lead it around the trains and then head up the steps from whence you came and hide in the locker.

Bendy and the Ink Machine - Chapter 4 - Camera Monster

The Bendy ink monster will come and kill the camera-head ink monster.

Escape from the locker and then go and turn on the final power switch. This will open the door to the haunted house. Get inside of the cart to go on the ride while a cinematic plays.

The ride will take you through a room until you meet a demented and changed Boris.

He will charge at you, let him hit the wall and some ink will fall out of his body.

Pick up the ink and place it into the ink changing machine; change the dial on the machine to a lead pipe and use it to smack Boris in the heart after he crashes into the wall and gets stunned.

Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Next he will use a jumping attack to smash you – wait for him to do a jumping ground pound. When he’s stunned, attack him again. Finally, he’ll attempt to pick up the haunted house cart and throw it at you. Wait for him to attack and then use the lead pipe on him once more to finally defeat him.

A small cinematic will play and then the chapter will end with the real Boris coming to Henry’s rescue.

You can grab the first chapter of Bendy and the Ink Machine for free by visiting the Steam store page.

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