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1426950cookie-checkBerserk’s Skull Knight Figure Pre-Orders Open Up On Play-Asia

Berserk’s Skull Knight Figure Pre-Orders Open Up On Play-Asia

You have up until October 22nd, 2016 to get in your pre-order for the first round of shipments for the 1/6th scale PVC figurine based on the Skull Knight from Berserk.

Play-Asia recently tweeted out that they’re currently taking pre-orders for the figure, which is detailed in ways that would clearly make Kentaro Miura proud.

Just at a cursory glance, the Skull Knight looks amazing. There’s a towering sense of confidence and dread about him, as well as an element of regal dire that drapes his form. His armor is made to look like pure steel in the form of a skeleton. Spikes protrude at the knees and around the bottom of the cuirass. The pauldrons contain elongated edges with more spikes resting on top. A somewhat claw-shaped design encircles the neck of the Skull Knight, while a crown of spikes adorn the outer rim of his head.


A tattered cape flutters behind him while he wields a two-handed sword in one hand and a crested shield with a thorny rose on the other.

Skull Knight is easily one of the most domineering looking characters in fictional media. His unearthly presence is matched with an equally mysterious aura.

This is yet another figure from Threezero, standing at a height of 35.5 centimeters and figuring a posable and wired cape, along with glowing red LED eyes. His Sword of Thorns can be posed along with six interchangeable hand parts that are included in the package.

Whether you’re a fan of Berserk – and keep in mind that the game is coming out soon – or you just like collecting really cool action figures, the Skull Knight figure might be worth keeping an eye on. It might go well with your manga collection or if you plan on getting the game for home consoles or PC. The figure, however, won’t launch until May 31st, 2017 but pre-orders are available on Play-Asia for $279.99.

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