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1544710cookie-checkBeware, Vehicular Horror Game Receives Free Playable Demo

Beware, Vehicular Horror Game Receives Free Playable Demo

A new gameplay demo has become available for what’s being billed as a horror driving sim. It’s being designed by Ondrej Svadlena in the Unity 3D game engine. The new demo is rather short but it gives gamers an opportunity to see what’s being worked on at the moment.

You can download the demo right now from IndieDB.

The playable demo clocks in at 1GB even, so it’s large but not too large. It features less than 10 minutes worth of gameplay, and has rather simple controls themed around driving, the handbrake, using the headlights, looking around, and interacting with the environment.

YouTuber Rikusyo posted up video footage of the demo in action, which you can check out below.

The game starts in a dark trailer park at night. The sound effects are a little noisy and sound like stock effect, but it’s still in development so they could be updated later on.

The handling of the vehicle is fairly loose and quite wobbly. But the atmosphere is definitely very interesting. There’s a hazy, almost blood orange sky looming overhead while crooked trees with barely any leaves drape over the two-lane highway like witch’s fingers over a brewing stew.

After the two minute mark and the player turns onto the road, a car pulls up from behind in the distance, viewable through the rear-view mirror.

All you can see are the headlights of the vehicle, and then the vehicle begins bumping the player’s car from behind before pulling out in front in an attempt to stop the player’s car from moving.

It reminds me of an old 1970’s horror flick, as the two cars battle it out on the road. After finally being able to run the player off the road, four men get out of the car and begin attacking the player’s vehicle.

During the demo the player is able to escape briefly and travel through a small, twisting village before heading out onto the open road where a fog canvases the horizon and grassy plains hug either side of the road.

The demo ends after the player is pushed into a tree while the engine bellows out black smoke, and the four men emerge from their own vehicle to finish the player off.

As a five minute demo it works. It’s intense and it’s unpredictable.

However, there definitely needs to be more to the game if they want something fleshed out. It reminds me of classic horror films such as The Duel and The Car. With a few more overarching themes and maybe a mini-game here and there, it might end up being a worthwhile game.

You can download the demo right now, for free, by visiting the IndieDB page.

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