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1429370cookie-checkBeyond Good & Evil Free For Download Throughout October

Beyond Good & Evil Free For Download Throughout October

Following up on the news that a sequel to Beyond Good & Evil is in the works, Ubisoft has announced that the original game from more than a decade ago is available to download for free on PC.

Ubisoft has been giving out free games throughout 2016 through the Ubisoft Club for Uplay users. During the summer they actually let loose some fairly decent titles, like Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, which was one of the more popular games in the series. They had the original Splinter Cell up for grabs during July – although the first game in the series was hard as heck and not anywhere near as fun as the two that followed – and in August they gave gamers Rayman Origins for the cost of nothing.

In September Ubisoft picked it up by giving away the 2014 outing of The Crew for free, which was very shocking to me because it’s one of their newer titles, but they also gave Xbox One gamers The Crew for free a while back as well. This all led up to October’s free game, which is Beyond Good & Evil, coinciding with their recent announcement that Ubisoft’s Montpelier studios will be working on the sequel to the beloved title.

They didn’t make much mention of what the sequel to Beyond Good & Evil would be about, but they did reveal that a mechanic’s garage will play a center role in the events of the upcoming game. Some suspect that it may be a prequel and you take on the role of the original protagonist’s father and a younger version of the pig character who accompanied her.

If you’re unsure about the sequel and have no interest in it, perhaps you might want to check out the original game since it’s available for free?

As part of Ubisoft’s 30th anniversary celebration, which is going on all year long, Beyond Good & Evil will be available for a limited time throughout October for no charge whatsoever. Once it’s added to your Uplay library you’ll be able to download and play it whenever you feel like it… or whenever the Uplay servers are up.

You can grab the free download from over on the Ubisoft Club download page.

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