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1542120cookie-checkBlacKkKlansman Trailer Sees Black And Jewish Cops Infiltrating The KKK

BlacKkKlansman Trailer Sees Black And Jewish Cops Infiltrating The KKK

In today’s era of sociopolitical activism, we’re seeing Hollywood try (and fail) desperately to capitalize on division and controversy by incessantly forcing down the throats of the general public the message of “diversity” and “multiculturalism”, two keywords by Communists who have been trying to tear America asunder.

The latest divisional efforts come from Spike Lee and the Focus Pictures production company, with Legendary Entertainment heading up the distribution efforts. The name of the film is BlacKkKlansman, a film about a small Colorado Springs police department looking to hire in minorities. Ron Stallworth, played by Denzel Washington’s son John David Washington, ends up joining the force as a detective. Right out of the gate Stallworth begins stirring the pot by wanting to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan, and manages to make headway into the group through a series of phone calls.

However, in order to actually infiltrate the group in person, Stallworth needs an inside man, who happens to be Jewish detective Flip, played by Adam Driver. This isn’t a buddy-up cop film, though, and while it seems like ripe pickings for a Dave Chappelle sketch, it’s supposedly based on a true story, with plenty of Hollywood embellishment abound. You can check out the trailer below from Movieclips Trailers.

The trailer bounces back and forth to show a dichotomy between black and white supremacy groups during the 1960s. It’s pretty obvious who the villains are supposed to be, though. Stallworth is attempting to uncover a conspiracy plot within the KKK headed up by Bill Duke, played by Topher Grace.

Adam Driver’s Flip takes a more middle-of-the-road approach, being reluctant to get involved with the identitarian racial politics. Stallworth tries to guilt-trip him into a victimhood complex in order to dislike the KKK. The trailer depicts Stallworth trying to convince Flip to make an enemy out of the Klan, even while Flip simply wants to avoid getting too far involved on either side.

The strangest twist to whole trailer is that for some odd reason a lot of people actually seem to be looking forward to the film.


One would think that a movie like this would be ridiculed and derided during this politically turbulent times, but apparently a lot of people viewing the trailer most not be from America.

Anyway, you can count this as another one of Hollywood’s agitprop films, and it’s due for release on August 10th.

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