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1418910cookie-checkBlade Ballet, Multiplayer Party Game Set To Launch On PS4, PC August 9th

Blade Ballet, Multiplayer Party Game Set To Launch On PS4, PC August 9th

A four-player party game featuring robots, blades and colorful techno-arenas called Blade Ballet is set to launch on the PlayStation 4 and on Steam for PC starting August 9th.

A trailer was recently sent out to give gamers an idea of what to expect from the chaotic multiplayer title from Dreamsail Games, covering the off-the-wall antics present in the title, as well as some of the robots that players will be able to man throughout the game. You can check out the short and sweet PS4 trailer below.

The game reminds me of a mix of Chameleon Twist meets Beyblades. The game sports modes for anywhere between one and four players, as well as 10 different playable robots, each with their own specific skill set, weapons and personalities, as well as nine different battle arenas to duke it out in. Now the thing that makes Blade Ballet interesting is the distinct arena settings and hazards that completely alter the way the matches play out.

As showcased in the video above, the arena hazards can vary from lasers and walls, to flying objects and grinders in goals. This seems like a nice little throwback to the classic four-player party games of old that used to frequently release on the N64.

There will be three different modes to play through, including Stock, which I assume is like Super Smash Bros’ stock lives; there’s Time Bomb, which I assume will be timer based; and there’s Robomination… I have absolutely no idea what the last mode will be like.

The system specs are pretty lo-fi, you just need Windows 7 with the SP1 update installed, a dual core CPU and 4GB of RAM. That’s literally decade old specs right there, so you shouldn’t have any problems running the game.

You can learn more about Blade Ballet by hitting up the official website or checking out the Steam store page. The press release doesn’t roll out a price but I can’t imagine it would be anything more than $19.99.

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