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1428290cookie-checkBlatant Lethality Showcases Fast-Paced Stick fighter Combat In Gameplay Video

Blatant Lethality Showcases Fast-Paced Stick fighter Combat In Gameplay Video

If you are a fan of Hyun’s Dojo and Stick fighter animations, then you’ll probably love the concept that Blatant Lethality has come up with.

The developer  goes by the name of DunkingMachine, and this game is literally a concept on the Steam Greenlight Concept page. Blatant Lethality is still in its early Alpha development phase, but so far majority of the chore functions are working and in place for the game, enough in fact for the developer to put together a demonstration video to showcase the combat system. A few of the animations look a bit stiff, but it all blends together so smoothly that you hardly notice them.


The combat is fast-paced and action packed, and gives you quite a few abilities to play around with. You have three bars you will need to pay attention to, the first of course it your life bar, but you then have a second bar that manipulates your special powers so that you can unleash devastating attacks to wipe out your foes. The last bar  is your mental power which allows you to trigger a clone projection of yourself to protect you from incoming attacks and take damage for you.

Managing your power bar and mental bar will allow you to fight multiple enemies at once to keep you alive while clearing the screen of baddies. One thing I noticed with this prototype gameplay video is that there are already multiple enemy types in place moving around the stage, and a few of them are attempting to fight and kill the player. The developer has already mentioned that he is planning on adding more in the future to expand the gameplay. The AI is pretty basic for now, but I expect it to improve by the time the game comes closer to release.

There is also a planned skill tree progression and level system the developer is working on with unlockable abilities, but at the moment the extra bonus features haven’t been added to the game yet. Take a look at the below combat video to see for yourself everything the game has now. The first few minutes of the video has the developer explaining the system and walking you through how the combat system works, the second half is several minutes of uninterrupted gameplay of pure Blatant Lethality .

So what’s planned? Well, in the quote down below is all of the features that the developer is currently working on adding.

Meaningful character progression with levels, skill trees and (new) unlockable attacks
More and more distinct enemy types
Different mission types (not telling any more)
Epic bosses
Gear and item system
Local multiplayer (co-op, with multiple controllers)

I would also like to see more level types as well, so we’ll see what else he adds in the future. Obviously, Blatant Lethality currently doesn’t have a release date because it is still in the early phase of development, but I’ll keep my eye on this one to see how it comes together with its development.

If you would also like to follow the progress, you can check out his Steam Greenlight concept page or visit his Facebook page for more details.

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