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1545920cookie-checkBlister Short Clips Show Off Mapped Damage And Squad Maneuvers

Blister Short Clips Show Off Mapped Damage And Squad Maneuvers

Blister is an upcoming single-player FPS game that takes place in London. Fighting underground crime and organized terrorist groups, Blister takes notes from games like the older Rainbow Six titles, while offering unique mechanics of its own. In a recent short update, developer Item 42 released two clips showing masked Parallax Occlusion Mapped damage and squad-based tactics.

In case you have no idea what Item 42 has in store for you in regards to what Blister is, you can check out the 2017 WIP combat teaser that quickly looks over combat, weapons, and what the Blister squad must do for Queen and country.

The latest footage that comes as of late May shows off the act of testing permanent concrete damage by masking Parallax Occlusion Mapped damage using a rendered target (the concrete walls). You can check out the short video clip below.

Like older tactical FPS games, similar to Rainbow Six, players will have to structure out where teammates will go and what they’ll do to counterparts on the field. However, it doesn’t mean that everything will go according to plan, which usually calls for you to get down and dirty.

If you have good judgment, tactics and skilled team coordination, you will be able to make short work of occupied areas filled with terrorist. Contrary to that, though, you will likely find a world of pain if not an incapacitated team and you shortly following in their footsteps if none of the above is applied.

Overall, the game made by a handful of indie devs, better known as Blister, is shaping up quite well, especially given that it’s a product of Steam Greenlight — a platform filled with joke projects and scams.

If this game looks interesting to you, and you wish to play a tactical single-player FPS game set during a modern time, you can keep up with the development of Blister by heading on over to

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