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1420130cookie-checkBlue Bird, Visual Novel IndieGoGo Is Live

Blue Bird, Visual Novel IndieGoGo Is Live

A visual novel called Blue Bird about a suicidal boy who ends up finding a reason to live after befriending three young girls has gone live. The game sees players taking command of Karin, as he deals with the grief of losing his parents, as well as overcoming that grief by meeting Elisa, Chakriya, and Kitapat.

Over on the IndieGoGo page the developers rolled out a gameplay promotional video that you can check out below. They took some extra time to work on the localization in preparation for launching the crowd-funding campaign.

The crowd-funding phase has arrived after the game managed to get Greenlit to appear on the Steam store.

Some of the criticisms that Deadline Softs faced originally when they appeared on Greenlight was that the localization was not the best and that there were quite a few translation errors. They took that criticism to heart, made the necessary changes and improved on the overall product.

What’s more is that they want to convince gamers that they have a worthwhile product, so they’ve resolved to putting together a playable demo that’s available over on the Steam store right now. It features a brief look at the game, some of the story elements, the music and the themes.

The full version of Blue Bird will feature additional tracks, multiple story branches and endings, as well as support for Windows, Linux and Mac.

If things go over well with the IndieGoGo campaign, they also want more languages translated, Android and iOS support, as well as full English voice-acting. I’m not sure how they’re planning on getting full voice-acting on a $2,000 budget but I’m assuming that’s more of a stretch goal.

You can learn more about Blue Bird or contribute to the financial cause by hitting up the game’s IndieGoGo Page. For further information you can check out the Steam page.

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