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Bot Vice, Retro-Looking Shoot’em Up Game Seeks Votes On Greenlight

Great sounding retro-music, awesome looking graphics, mad Japanese-style shoot’em up bullet spray, and MAME quality action can be found in DYA Games’ BOT Vice. This is how you do Greenlight games. Not only does it rock a Metal Slug vibe, it provides its very own unique twist on the 2D shooting gallery genre.

I can see the likes of frantic and fast-paced shooters like Wild Guns, Megaman X and Time Crises mixed in Bot Vice. Although Time Crisis is in 3D, the two games hold similarities with the whole timed based shooting gallery aspect, which works perfectly for this simple indie project.

Moreover, I’m assuming the game is made by a group with the use of “we” implemented throughout different sentences. But I’m still impressed even if this didn’t come in by a lone dev, since this is coming from Steam Greenlight where crap comes flowing in a dime a dozen.

The story of the game reflects on classic 1980’s stories, where players are part cybernetic and part human, and getting revenge on a group that took the main character’s buddy from them during a tragic event.

“Six months ago while pursuing the Wildbots, a criminal gang led by four psychotic mercenary cyborgs, I lost my partner, and my right arm, in a failed operation. Now, the Wildbots have been hired by a madman who intends to blow up the Tominaka Plaza building, the most important symbol of this decadent city… But I won’t let that happen. Equipped with a new, versatile bionic arm, nothing will stop me from taking the law into my own hands… Even if one of them is now metal… The time for justice has passed. Today, I will get my revenge.”

“I will get my revenge.” That saying never gets old, which is also found in several games like Ninja Gaiden 2 for the NES. Anyways, you can check out DYA Games‘ trailer below showing the explosive retro-art of shooting gallery fun.

If this game is something worth supporting, or if you want to learn more about the devs and their work, you can either hit up Steam Greenlight or

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