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1417180cookie-checkBrock Lesnar Becomes WWE 2K17’s Cover Athlete

Brock Lesnar Becomes WWE 2K17’s Cover Athlete

While Goldberg may have been the first wrestler announced to be playable in WWE 2K17, the immovable one won’t be the cover athlete for the upcoming annual release of 2K Games’ sports title. 2K Sports and WWE have decided to go with a surer bet: Brock Lesnar.

The Beast Incarnate will headline UFC 200 this July, and will now headline the cover art for WWE 2K17.

The news was covered by Bleacher Report but it was actually Brock Lesnar’s manager and real life friend Paul Heyman who showcased the cover art first via Twitter.

Heymans tweet followed shortly on the heels of 2K Games showcasing a reveal trailer for Brock Lesnar in WWE 2K17, which you can view below.

The trailer is very interesting as it uses the same Suplex City sign that Bill Goldberg passed in his promo trailer, and Paul Heyman even mentions Goldberg’s name in the trailer above while he’s rattling off the superstars. Is a Goldberg vs Lesnar II on the cards for Summerslam?

The thing is, if Lesnar loses against Mark Hunt at UFC 200 then a Goldberg vs Lesnar II has a far more unlikely outcome, giving Goldberg some leverage. If Lesnar wins against Mark Hunt at UFC 200 then it’s going to be no contest with Goldberg stepping into the ring against Lesnar at Summerslam (assuming that’s what the WWE has planned for the Beast).

Fans are a little disappointed that some of the other regular roster didn’t make the cover of WWE 2K17, but in all honesty there’s really no hotter superstar in sports entertainment or unscripted combat sports than Brock Lesnar. He’s the biggest draw in the industry across the board and with his fight against Hunt in July it would be stupid for 2K Games not to cash in on the hype.

Besides, WWE has done crap-all to put over other talent to even make them worthy of being on the cover. Dean Ambrose has been booked inconsistently up until recently (and that was only because Reigns got suspended for popping peds), and Rusev only recently has been put back into his heel role (after suffering through that insufferable love triangle last year), and Roman Reigns has been the champ that no one wanted. Rollins just returned, and Sasha Banks still hasn’t managed to grab the strap.

While regular talent would be cool to see on the cover, no one has been booked to be cover-worthy.

Until WWE gets serious about booking the rest of the roster to look strong and to draw, this is their best bet for the cover athlete of WWE 2K17, which is due for release this October for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4.

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